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8 Reasons Why We Love Capricorn Women!

8 Reasons Why We Love Capricorn Women!

Capricorn women are some of the happiest and friendliest people to chill around with until you get their goat. These gorgeous women command attention and make their presence felt wherever they go. Her go-getter attitude is precisely what makes her a powerhouse of the zodiac chart. If you're wondering why we’re showering her with so much love, we give you 8 reasons why you should be doing the same!

1. She Means Hardcore Business

Capricorn women

When it comes to getting work done, she chooses to not get her friend’s perspective or her emotions involved. She is a one-woman army and knows exactly what needs to be done to turn any business venture into a success. To put it in a nutshell – she is definitely the smart one!

2. She’s Very Approachable

Capricorn women

She may be selective when it comes to picking friends, but as a person she’s very approachable. She hardly ever puts up a wall around her and is not someone you will feel awkward to go up to. Once she befriends someone, she will be loyal to him/her till the end of time.

3. It Is Always a Good Time with Her

Capricorn women

No drama, no grudges – she’s one woman who sure knows how to have fun! There’s never a dull moment when she’s around. Laughing till your tummy hurts, partying till the break of dawn, and dancing till your feet hurts - these are all in a day’s work for this lively party animal.

4. We Love Her Taste in Men

Capricorn women

Love is a game for her. She’s a player, until Cupid’s arrow strikes her deep. Until she feels the time is right, she continues to test the waters. Her charismatic and independent personality makes her extremely desirable. Most men fall for her, but she always chooses the best. So, men, if a certain Capricorn woman has been running through your mind lately, you need to get your A game on!

5. She’s Miss Fashionista

Capricorn women

No matter what the occasion is, the Capricorn woman will always dress to impress. She has great style and she knows it! She loves fashion, and takes it very seriously. Ask her about any brand or a fashion icon, and she can write out an entire article for you. Her wardrobe is bursting with clothes, but being the shopaholic she is, she won’t stop buying more!

6. She’s Brewing with Creativity

Capricorn women

Whether it’s a DIY project, or breaking the monotony at work, she always has the knack for making the dullest of surroundings warm and attractive with her mind-boggling ideas! She is quick on the uptake and is always on the lookout for new ideas.

7. She’s a Cleanliness Freak

Capricorn women

She likes her place neat, tidy and organized. A clean and organized space provides her with solace. It’s not just clean places she’s fond of, it’s clean people too. So if you want to make a move on a Capricorn woman, you better tidy up first!

8. Honesty Is Her Best Policy

Capricorn women

Never ask a Capricorn woman for an honest opinion unless you can handle the truth. She is blunt in her approach and never beats around the bush. Honesty is a quality she’s born with, and she uses it religiously.

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Published on Dec 30, 2014
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