Things I Would Do If I Were a Boy: 30 Indian Women Speak Up

Things I Would Do If I Were a Boy: 30 Indian Women Speak Up

A short while ago, Elite Daily came up with a super-cool campaign called #IfIWereABoy. The answers from the twelve women who were asked this question were so different and inspiring that we thought we’d add to this mission. This is not a battle or a crusade - it’s just a way of trying to understand how life could be different if men and women were treated as equals all over India. In our attempt to find out what Indian women think, we asked a few of them to respond to the idea: “Things I would do if I were a boy” - and here are their answers.

If I were a boy…

1. I would roam around fearlessly on my bike at midnight.

2. I would take a tour all over India all by myself without worrying too much about where to go and how to talk to people.

3. My career would have much more prominence in my life than my marriage.


4. I would be able to use a public loo without having to worry about unsanitariness!

5. I would stop following the strict timelines set by my parents to get back home when I am out with my friends.


6. I would not have to listen to my mom’s comments about what my future mom-in-law would say when I don’t do the household chores.

7. I would not have been able to give birth.


8. I would not have to get waxed.

9. I would build six-pack abs.

10. I would not have to deal with criticism for shopping too much on my spouse’s money.

11.  I would not be able to find help as easily!


12. I would constantly worry about earning more.

13. I would be less emotional and more practical.


14. I would understand my woman’s sentiments and her story.

15. I would cry less - and have less reason to.


16. I would not wear a bra!

17. Huh! No PMSing, no mood swings.

18. I would have at least 10 times more freedom than I have now.

19. I would not be judged if I wore the same shirt thrice a week.

20. I would roam around topless when it’s too hot.


21. Oh! NO. I’d hate being one!

22. I would not let the words “You’re such a girl” count as an abuse.

23. I would not bother learning how to cook just because it’s expected.

      men-cook-art     women-cook-duty

24. I could be myself and have a messy room if I wanted and still be not judged for it.

25. I would grow a moustache.


26. I wouldn't have been beautiful.


27. I would not worry about whether or not to change my surname after getting married.

28. I would not have been able to wear a sari or a lehanga or a short dress… Wow! We have options. :)


29. I would have less freedom to express my emotions

30. I would not have been a girl!


So, ladies, what’s your take on this? We’d love to hear more!

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