#StyleInspiration: 7 Bollywood Actresses Who Always Rock a Perfect Hairdo!

#StyleInspiration: 7 Bollywood Actresses Who Always Rock a Perfect Hairdo!

Yes, we know they have a troop of stylists responsible for making them look fantastic, but there are a few Bollywood babes who flaunt gorgeous hair every single time, no matter where or what the occasion. We give you the Bollywood actresses who always rock a perfect hairdo - let these celebrity hairstyles be your idols for some major style inspiration when it comes to taming your tresses!

Celebrity Hairstyle 1. The Style Chameleon, a.k.a. Sonam Kapoor


There’s no doubt that being fabulously fashionable is definitely Sonam’s forte - she exudes style from head to toe! It’s natural then that her famous hairstyle perfectly compliments her trendsetting capabilities each and every time. From experimenting with pretty updos, trying a big bun or even stepping out with a faux bob, Sonam is constantly reinventing her look with different hairdos, and does it with supreme flair.


Celebrity Hairstyle 2. Have an Unruly Affair Like Kangana Ranaut


Kangana is the only actress who steers clear of the far-too-usual straight and boring look. She’s not afraid of flaunting her celebrity hairstyle with pride, and we admire her for that. Her bouncy waves are definitely her signature and add a certain edginess that livens up her style.

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Celebrity Hairstyle 3. Deepika Padukone, the Pouf Princess

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Deepika looks fantastic with just about anything she does with her locks - straight or wavy, pulled back or let down - but no one else can pull off the pouf quite like her. Whether her look is casual or dressy, we love how she brings a touch of glam to her famous hairstyle with an extra bit of volume on the top of her head. It’s so wearable, and the perfect thing to try when you want to achieve something different and quick!


Celebrity Hairstyle 4. Let Your Hair Down with Katrina Kaif


She may not experiment much with her hair, but there’s no denying that Katrina has gorgeously lush celebrity hairstyle. Though she almost always wears her hair down, we can forgive her for not trying something new once in awhile, purely because her mane looks fabulous just the way it is. She’s definitely inspired plenty of girls to grow out their hair to flip-worthy length.


Celebrity Hairstyle 5. The Fierce and Glam Priyanka Chopra


PC has a knack for wowing us with different famous hairstyles that channel some edgy style while managing to look sophisticated at the same time - from rocking a glam ponytail to sensual waves and side-swept locks. We absolutely adore how she uses sassy earrings to complement her hair with a touch of spunk!


Celebrity Hairstyle 6. Do the Updo Like Neha Dhupia


People may say that Neha is yet to prove her acting chops, but she has certainly managed to stay on the top of our style radar. She’s constantly proving her fashion prowess with every celebrity hairstyle and her hair is just as fabulous. The former beauty queen sure knows how to nail the updo like no other, whether she’s dressed up or down. We can definitely learn a thing or two from her about pulling our hair back for that chic factor.


Actress Hairstyle 7. Be Braided and Boho Like Alia Bhatt


Though this young fashionista is often spotted with a poker-straight mane, she regularly adds pops of fun to her style with braids and carefree waves. From fishtails to braiding her bangs back, we love the young, fresh vibe Alia brings to her fashion choices with her fun and famous hairstyle.



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