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#RealGirlBeauty: 8 Night-Time Beauty Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

#RealGirlBeauty: 8 Night-Time Beauty Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

After a long day, nothing can beat that feeling of snuggling beneath the covers and feeling all your worries drain away. But, there are certain things that we do right before bedtime that have the power of undoing those 8 hours of beauty sleep.  We tell you all the night-time beauty mistakes you could be making and need to stop right now - so that you wake up to a fresher, more radiant you every morning. Sleep tight, beautiful!


1. Sleeping on Your Tummy

We know it’s impossible to sleep in one position all night long, but if you’re someone who sleeps on her stomach, then we have bad news for you. Lying on your front can cause puffiness around your eyes as well as pull the skin on your face, making you more prone to wrinkles. Isn’t that reason enough to flip over on your back?!

2. Tying Your Hair Too Tight

If you like sleeping with your hair off your face, make sure you pull your locks back loosely. Tying your hair back too tight can damage your strands, weaken the roots and even wreak havoc on your hairline. Make sure to loosen your braid/bun tonight before hitting the sack.

3. Forgetting to Wash Your Face

Yes, we say this always, but we just can’t stress enough how big a sin it is to sleep with makeup on. It can clog your pores, cause breakouts and leave your complexion looking dull. Cleansing your face and removing even the tiniest trace of makeup is a cardinal rule to follow before you even think about going to sleep.

4. Not Using a Clean Pillowcase

You sleep on it night after night, making it a breeding ground for oil, bacteria, germs and dust, which can cause you to wake up to breakouts and rashes (yikes!). Don’t forget to toss your pillowcase as well as the rest of your bedding for a wash once a week and replace them all with fresh, clean sheets and cases.


5. Slacking on the Nightly Brush and Floss

Brushing your teeth every night is a no-brainer, and is the most basic form of dental care, but aren’t we all guilty of slacking off on it every now and then thanks to pure laziness? Regular slip-ups can cause a number of oral problems like cavities and bad breath, so make it a point to brush and floss every night to keep that smile of yours dazzling always.

6. Not Loading Up on H2O

No, we don’t mean downing litres of water before bed - we don’t want you running to the loo through the night! - but a glass or two 20 minutes before you hit the hay is essential to flush out toxins and keep you hydrated for the next several hours.

7. Skipping the Moisturizing Process

It’s so important to slather body lotion, hand cream and moisturizer on your face before you plan to snooze! You want to keep your skin hydrated and healthy so you can wake up looking and feeling more radiant, right? Air conditioners can zap your skin of moisture while you sleep, leaving it dry, so never forget to keep it moisturized in order to avoid wrinkles and signs of skin ageing.

8. Chatting on the Phone

Yes, we know you’re wondering how a late-night gossip sesh with your bestie or a good night call to your significant other can cause skin problems, but, trust us, it totally can! Cosying up with your cell phone before turning in can transfer germs and bacteria from the screen to your face. Once you’ve washed your face before climbing into bed, make it a point to use the speaker option for those midnight calls!

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Published on Sep 8, 2014
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