#RealGirlBeauty: Dos and Don’ts for Pulling Off Red Lipstick

#RealGirlBeauty: Dos and Don’ts for Pulling Off Red Lipstick

None of our makeup kits are complete without the quintessential red lipstick - the one that has the power to make any woman feel sexy and undeniably glamorous! There’s a certain allure that only a pretty scarlet pout can give you, after all. But wear it wrong, and you're likely to look way more attention-grabby than you were probably going for! Today we give you a few dos and don’ts for pulling off red lipstick as an elegant yet bold statement. Follow this easy guide for a powerful statement every time you go red!


DON'T Go OTT on the Rest of Your Face

A bright shade of crimson is an attention-grabbing statement on its own; caking on the makeup and practicing your smoky eye skills at the same time will make you look like you're dressing up to go on stage! You should always play up either your eyes or your lips - not both. So when you go red, make sure to just stick to kajal and mascara to avoid looking too over the top.

DO Find a Shade That Works for You

With a zillion shades available in the market today, it’s important to find one that works for you. It’s a trial-and-error process that can take plenty of time and lipstick splurges till you find the perfect red - the one that makes you feel like a million bucks. One tip to always help you make a safe choice is that an olive complexion fares better with pinkish and orange-ish reds, darker skin is complimented by plum or wine-coloured hues, and pure reds look the best with fair skin.

DON'T Get It on Your Teeth

There’s nothing more embarrassing than thinking you look like a goddess when you actually have horrible lipstick stains on your teeth. One pro makeup tip to help avoid your lipstick smearing onto your teeth is to slip your index finger into your mouth and form an ‘O’ around it with your lips. Slowly slide your finger out so that any excess colour from your lips comes off on it and does not get on your teeth.

DO Use a Lip Liner to Keep It from Smudging

No, they’re not as outdated as you think - a lip liner that is a good match for your lipstick shade will actually prevent the colour from seeping outside your lips. If you use a lip liner, you don’t need to worry about bright red smudges around your mouth that make you look like a vampire who's just had lunch.


DON'T Throw Out a Shade That Doesn’t Suit You

You can always mix a lipstick that doesn’t work for you with other colours to create a signature shade. You’ll be surprised by how many cool new hues you can create with your existing lipstick collection. If a shade is too dark for you, you can brighten it up by mixing it with a lighter shade, or you can tone it down by adding a neutral colour. Don’t give up on an unflattering red just yet - experimenting with it can be super-fun!

DO Wear an Outfit That Complements Your Lips

A scarlet pucker is striking and should be paired with an outfit that complements it instead of clashing with it. Don’t worry, red lips generally look fabulous with almost anything - from an LBD to a business-like blazer to even simple jeans and a tee. Just make sure you don’t go too loud by wearing your red with in-your-face patterns like animal prints.

DON'T Always Reach for the Lipstick

On days when you don’t want to go out-and-out crimson, you can try a sheer red gloss since it's less pigmented than your lipstick. Or you can use a lip brush to add on the exact amount of colour you want. This way, you can still get the effect of wearing red without being too dramatic!

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