10 *Stunning* Looks You Can Create With A Kajal Pencil!

10 *Stunning* Looks You Can Create With A Kajal Pencil!

Kajal is something most of us girls wear on a daily basis. But, if you’ve been wearing your kajal in the same old way, then ladies, it’s time to amp up kohl game now! These beautiful and stunning kajal styles are amazing and will look absolutely fab on you. Try out these new styles that are perfect for each and every occasion and look wonderful, ladies. If you can’t get enough of your kajal pencil, then you’re going to love trying these looks!

1. No more blues

1 kajal styles

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

If you’re going out for a brunch with the ladies, then it’s time to ditch your black kohl. For a bright day look, go for a blue kajal pencil and accentuate your eyes with it. Apply it like you normally do but make sure to highlight the outer corner of your eyes on both the lash lines. Smudge it out slightly to get that sultry look and you’re good to go.

2. Smokey game on!

2 kajal styles

Image: Shutterstock

Smokey is sexy, ladies and any night out without this eye makeup style will be incomplete. Apply your black kajal and use a smudger brush to slightly smudge it along the upper and bottom lash line. Blend it with a dark eyeshadow of your choice and complete this look. Make sure you conceal the dark circles as it kills the entire ‘smokey eye’ vibe.

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3. Dramatic wings

3 kajal styles

Image: Shutterstock

Take your eye game to a whole other level with this dramatic winged look. After you’re done applying the kajal, create wings and extend them towards your temple - this is way easier to do with a kohl pencil than a liquid liner. Use a smudger brush to spread the kohl on your eyelids in a way that you get this dramatic winged eye look. Use a black eyeshadow to perfect the smokey look and look fab in this stunning style!

4. Hint of white

4 kajal styles

Image: Huda Kattan on Instagram

MUAs are using this colour in most of their makeup looks and the reason is - it looks absolutely fab! To get this look, apply a white kohl to your bottom lash lines after you’re done creating your black kajal look. This helps in accentuating your eyes and make them look slightly bigger.

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5. Reverse smokey eye

5 kajal styles

Image: Mario on Instagram

We’re never one to turn down a different version of the classic smokey eye. To get this chic and stunning look all you have to do is - apply a light eyeshadow first, so that the dramatic look will be concentrated only on your lower lash line. Then line your lower lid with a black kohl and using a flat brush blend the kajal to give it a soft look. Use a black eyeshadow to smoke it out at the bottom and you’ll be ready to rock the party!

6. Thick lower lash line

6 kajal styles

Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

Take inspiration from Alia in Badrinath Ki Dulhania and go for a highlighted lower lash line look. All you have to do is, make a thick line on your bottom lash lines with a black kohl. Finish off with some mascara and you’re good to go!

7. Keep it bold

7 kajal styles

The bold kajal look is oh-so-sexy and stunning that everyone will appreciate your look. This look is perfect for night outs or weddings where you can define your eyes and make them look super pretty. Draw thick lines and smudge the kajal on both the upper and lower lash lines and, get ready to rock this look!

8. A touch of brown

8 kajal styles

Image: Shutterstock

Give your kajal a sultry twist by using a brown coloured kajal, instead of black. Make a thick line on your lower lashes and smudge it out, you can either create a thin line on your eyelids or skip it altogether. This look is perfect for a hot sunny day and you won’t even have to worry about your kajal smudging. Isn’t it cool, ladies?

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9. Chic and classic

9 kajal styles

Girls, the good old kajal look can never betray you. This classic look is perfect for each and every occasion and will make your eyes look gorgeous. For the girls who like to keep it simple and nice, this kajal style is the go-to look for you. Just accentuate your outer corners and that’s all the magic you need.

10. Arabian style

10 kajal styles - arabian style

Image: Shutterstock

To give your classic kohl look that oomph factor, go for an Arabian kajal style. This glamorous style is to enhance your gorgeous eyes. Create your usual kohl look but this time, join the outer and inner corners. Extend the outer wings towards your temple and also extend the line slightly downward near your inner corners. Make sure your ends are pointed to achieve that perfect Arabian look.