Mean Names All Indian Girls HATED Hearing Growing Up

Mean Names All Indian Girls HATED Hearing Growing Up

We’ve all grown up being picked on about something to do with the way we look(ed). Whether we were skinny or fat, dark or fair, had small boobs or a big butt, someone, at some point or the other, tried to bully us with nasty comments or nicknames. At school, people would say these things to our face, later on just behind our backs. Whatever it was, it was NOT cool because, at the end of the day, making jibes about the way we look is just not okay. These were the mean names we all hated hearing growing up - if you can relate to these too, know that we feel your pain, sister!

1. Chasmish / Double Battery Single Power

Everyone who has ever worn spectacles, we’re sure you just cringed. As if it wasn’t bad enough to have to wear glasses to see properly, we had to put up with this nonsense.

2. Half-Ticket / Small Fry / Chhota Packet

It’s not a crime to be short. It’s a pretty big crime to bully people, though.

3. Saanvli / Kaali

Everyone who’s ever said this to make others feel bad about themselves needs a kick on their butts. Given the Indian obsession with “fair skin”, this was a particularly hard one to get away from and get over as well.

mean names 3

4. Thunder Thighs

Yes, we have curves and we love them. Seen Beyonce and Kim Kardashian?

5. Moti / Baby Elephant

Cracks about eating too many gulab jamuns, “Don’t sit on that chair, it will break!” - oh HOW we hated those.

6. Frizzy / Jhaadu / Bird’s Nest / Maggi Noodles

Hey, at least we were guilty of just bad / uncontrollable hair, and not bad manners.

7. Ruler / Pencil

So many questions that were variations of “Don’t you ever eat?” Well, if I didn’t eat, I would be dead, and you would have no one to say idiotic stuff to.

8. Boobie / Pamela Anderson

Some of us have big boobs. Get over it.

mean names 8

9. Mosquito Bites / Carrom Board

Yes, we have small breasts. To match the size of your brain.

10. Fat Ass

FYI, we like big butts and we cannot lie.

11. Pimple-Face / Pikachu

We couldn’t really control teenage acne, but we definitely wished you would control your mouth!

12. Hairy Scary / Baal Ki Dukaan

Yes, we have body hair (it’s a species thing, folks), and some of us are okay going au naturel. Deal with it.

13. Muchchhad

Guess what, whether we have facial hair or not - it’s none of your bloody business. (Everyone who has ever been pissed off because others care more about our facial hair than we do, you need to check THIS out.)

14. Kaniya

Anyone with a squint or the slighted bit cockeyed has been called this. We apologize on behalf of humanity.

15. Bimbo / Blondie

Every “attractive” girl we know has been called bimbo at some point or the other, whether she’s studying to be a doctor or is a kickass hockey player. Brains, merit - when did those things stop mattering?

mean names 15

16. Bugs Bunny

All of us with a hare-lip or braces or just less-than-perfect teeth have heard this at some point in your life. If only our teeth were sharp enough to bite you with!

17. Firangi

If you thought it was a “crime” to be “dark”, know that being “too fair” was also a problem.

mean names 18

18. Bijli Ka Khamba / Giant

We could have just held your lunch up above your head and laughed while you tried to reach it. But we didn’t. Because we’re not horrible human beings.

Well, to all the people who tormented us with these horrid, horrid names, this is pretty much what we wanted to say but were too polite to:

 mean names - shut up

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