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We’ve Got The Perfect New Year Resolution For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We’ve Got The Perfect New Year Resolution For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every new year brings along the excitement of starting afresh and making the changes you hoped to make the past year. All of us want to be a better version of ourselves in the new year. But how to set some interesting yet realistic goals for the upcoming year that you can actually achieve? Wondering how to do this? Let astrology guide you!

We have the perfect resolutions for you according to your zodiac. Nothing can stop you now because we have the perfect match to motivate you. Scroll down to see what should be your resolution in 2023:

Aries: Start A Side Hustle

Competition is your forte. You love to win and set a new personal record. If you’ve been thinking about raising your income, 2023 is the year to do so. Grab a planner and put your goals into action.

Taurus: Make New Friends

Be ready to get social. This year is all about friendships and connections for the Taurus babies. Your ruling planet Venus will be in the spotlight in 2023. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, ditch toxic relationships and find a community that loves you for who you are.


Gemini: Gift Your Inner Child

Geminis love trying exciting stuff. This year, go back to your childhood and think about the things you’ve always wanted to do. Retrieve a lost wish and reactivate it. Your inner child will be happy.

Cancer: Fix Your Finances

Security and stability are going to be your sign’s deepest need this year, Cancerians. And money contributes a huge chunk to it. Set aside time to research, get advice, and build an emergency fund. Trust us, it’s going to be a boon.

Leo: Travel, A Lot!

These lively and vivacious lions love to travel. Follow your passion and explore as much as you can. Resort to new adventures in the upcoming year and your soul will be delighted.

Virgo: Practise Mindfulness 

Virgos are mentally overactive having racing thoughts around the clock. And with that comes the potential for some serious burnout. So, when planning a New Year’s resolution, focus on meditation to soothe your soul. You can enroll in a yoga class, practise deep breathing, or go for a routine jog. 


Libra: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The coming year promises change for Librans. Lean into your talents and make 2023 super social. Try new cuisines, join that dance class, and take a plunge to try a new skill. You’ll be surprised to see how fulfilled it makes you feel.

Scorpio: Become A Plant Parent

Scorpios are going to be in a major influx of the environment and creativity in 2023. And what’s better than getting a few plant babies? It’s one of the best things to invest in. Once you start caring for these lil’ oxygen generators, you’ll be extremely satisfied.

Sagittarius: Focus On Your Fitness

This fire sign is known for its ambitious and driven nature. Harness that energy to give your health a boost in 2023. Take baby steps- start increasing your water intake, take stairs instead of an elevator, and swap processed food with greens. You’ll see some wonderful changes very soon.

Capricorn: Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Cap, you worked so hard and the coming year is the best time to celebrate your achievements, including small wins. Revamp your bedroom, schedule a self-pampering sesh or go for a body spa. Taking care of yourself is as important as achieving those work goals, FR!


Aquarius: Start A New Book

You love feeding your brain with stimulus and you enjoy learning. Put this skill forward and start reading a book of your favourite genre. You can even join a book club and discuss what you’ve read with your friends. You’re going to love this, I promise.

Pisces: Revamp Your Wardrobe

This 2023, channel your inner Gigi Hadid and reinvent your style. Make sections (like upper, bottoms, footwear, etc)  and pick to work on one every month. It will be a fun experience.

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed these interesting resolutions for 2023.

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01 Jan 2023

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