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why people cheat in relationships

Bae To Bae-Wafa: People Reveal Shocking Reasons Why They Cheated On Their Partners

Do you often wonder why people cheat in relationships? Are you unable to wrap your head around how someone, who claims to love you can possibly break your heart and well–your trust? If you’ve had no closure or a clear-cut answer to why bae turned bae-wafa, reading these Reddit users’ reasons for cheating might give you a peek into a cheater’s psyche. P.S. Don’t overthink these answers because every relationship is different and so is every person.

Lack Of Attraction

Sudden Attention From The “Side Chics”

A Litmus Test For The Loyal Partner With A Promiscuous Past

To Seek Revenge From A Cheating Partner

The Convenient Assumption About Never Getting Caught

To Settle Scores With A “Flirtatious” Partner

The “Annual Intimacy Only” Rule

To Discover Their Sexuality

For An “Ego Boost”

To Repel A Clingy Partner

On a serious note, if you’ve been betrayed in love, please know that the problem lies with the cheater and not with you. So stop blaming yourself and embrace the good things that the future has in store for you. 

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14 Jul 2023

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