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11 Hilarious Pickup Lines That You’ll Be Surprised Actually Work!

11 Hilarious Pickup Lines That You’ll Be Surprised Actually Work!

Pickup lines can be funny and witty and don’t need to be offensive or creepy, you girls know what I’m talking about! So when you approach a guy, it’s best to be prepared with a few fun lines that’ll make both of you laugh. Easy conversation starters that help break the ice usually lead to a good friendship, if not a relationship. So, it’s time to take control and be the strong confident girl that you know you are! Go on, try them all. 

1. Are you the camera? ‘Cause I smile every time I look at you. 

Say cheeseeee!

01 pick-up lines

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2. Is your name Harry Potter? Because I’d love to play with your wand. 

Try at your own risk. 

3. Is that smile from McDonald’s? ‘Cause I’m lovin’ it. 

Bring on the extra cheesy dip. 

4. Let’s grab a coffee? Because I like you a latte. 

PSA – Sounds better on a text. 

04 pick-up lines


5. Are you Netflix? ‘Cause I’d love to subscribe to a daily dose of you. 

Follow it up with an adorable smile. 

6. I’m not a hoarder, but I’d enjoy keeping you forever. 

And you can keep me too! 

7. You’re so cute that it’s distracting. 

I just had to come here and say hi! 

07 pick-up lines


8. Cupid just called, he said you’ve got my heart?

You can keep it if you like it. 

9. I’d say God bless you but it looks like he already did a pretty good job. 

You have my seal of approval. 

10. You’ve got the keys to drive me crazy. 

Turn me on. 

10 pick-up lines


11. Here you are, I’ve been looking for you all my life.


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20 Jan 2022

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