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Underrated Korean Skincare Find: This Black Rice Toner Is The First Step To Getting Glass Skin

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As someone with oily skin, I’ve gravitated towards exfoliants and chemical-based products to combat sebum production. But when winter hit and my skin was parched, I chanced upon the Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner and haven’t looked back since.

What Is It?

The Back Rice Hyaluronic Toner is an essence-type toner that not only moisturises the skin but also improves skin texture, barrier and optimises the rest of the skincare products. It has a light lavender fragrance, is vegan and cruelty-free and is a pure blend of fermented black rice (rich in antioxidants) and bamboo shoot extract. Its main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, helps boost hydration; red ginseng heals the skin and leaves it feeling rejuvenated.

Our Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect much from this product but this K-beauty brand really has me invested in it. We’re all aware of the benefits of rice water for the skin now and why the Koreans love it so much, and this toner further proves it. It’s non-sticky, perfect for those with oily/combination skin. It also sinks right into your skin on application – almost as if your skin is parched and is drinking it up.

I’m addicted to hot showers despite knowing its effects on the skin, but this product almost makes it seem okay to stand under scalding hot water. It actually feels like you’re pampering your skin. I also love how extremely lightweight this is. It really refines the skin, bringing out a glow, evening out the skin tone, getting rid of minor bumps, and just making it so much easier for the rest of your products to work well.

The product is a little pricey, but it lasts for months. And as a K-beauty brand, it really delivers everything it promises. I’ve been using it for two months now and really believe that this could be the path for oily-skin girlies to achieve glass skin.

How To Use It

After cleansing my skin and patting it dry, I take a few drops in my palms and pat it all over my face, avoiding the eyes. You can swipe it on with a cotton pad but I feel it gets absorbed more easily with just the hands. Once it dries, you can go on with your skincare routine. I use it twice a day – morning and night.

What It Looks Like

Good To Know
Key Ingredients: Fermented black rice, bamboo shoot extract, hyaluronic acid, ginseng.
Smells Like: Very mild lavender.
Perfect For: Oily/combination skin.

In Conclusion

This started off as the perfect addition to my winter skincare routine but I'm going to be taking this into summer and using it all year round. That's just how good it is.

13 Feb 2024

Feature Image Source: Instagram

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