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Gossiping Aunties, Annoying Kids & Animal Lovers: 11 Types Of Neighbours We All Have

Gossiping Aunties, Annoying Kids & Animal Lovers: 11 Types Of Neighbours We All Have

Humans are social animals and forming bonds with those around us is an important part of our lives. And our neighbours are the closest to us, literally! Having a good bond with those who live around us can give us a sense of community and make us feel at home. From keeping our spare key at their home to checking in on our pets, neighbours always come to our rescue in our time of need. 

And they also make our lives brighter and more entertaining. Every person is different and every neighbourhood has some specific characters with their quirks, who give us a reason to smile every now and then. So, here’s a list of all the types of neighbours we’ve all (probably) encountered at least once. 

1. The Gossip Monger aka The Investigator

From Sharma Ji’s foreign return beta to Verma Ji’s daughter’s relationship status, this neighbour has all the updated information. They probably sit on their balcony with binoculars to keep tabs on others. This investigator aka Pammi aunty is probably how your landlord knows who came over last night. 

2. The Cry Baby

We all have that one neighbour who is always complaining about something or the other. They make it seem like the world is out to get them. and sometimes, their constant complaining can get annoying AF!


3. The Fighter Cock

They’re always finding reasons to pick a fight with other neighbours. They’re probably the ones dialling the society’s secretary because someone parked in their spot. 

4. The Party Animal

Chaar baj gaye lekin party abhi baki hai! This one is probably the bachelor Pammi aunty told you about jo ghar pe beer le ke aata hai…haawww. You’ll probably hear about at least one complaint about them every month for loud music or calling too many people over. 

5. The Cute Uncle-Aunty

While the aunty gives you a bright smile every time she passes by, uncle has loads of stories to share over a cup of chai. This cute couple is #RelationshipGoals.

6. The Show Off

They own a land rover and they’ll make sure that everyone knows about it and as well as their south Delhi wala farmhouse.


7. The Borrower

They’re the ones knocking on your door right about now to ask for ‘ek cup chini’ or ‘khatte ke liye dahi’.

8. The Host

This aunty is the total social butterfly who loves having people over all the time and that’s probably why she’s the one always hosting the kitty party.

9. The Always Angry Uncle

He’s the nightmare of every kid on the block. You’ve lost numerous cricket ball and badminton shuttles to this angry uncle who always came knocking at your door with a complaint! 

10. The Animal Lover

You’ll always see them tending to some animal every time you step down and they’re the first ones you call when you see an injured animal. Thanks to this animal lover, all the strays in your area are well-fed, sterilised and vaccinated.


11. The OnesWho Makes You Hate Kids

There’s always that one odd couple with super annoying (and really loud) kids. They make you wish that you could just hit mute or even better, just disappear. 

You may share a love-hate relationship with your neighbours but at the end of the day, we’re all peas in the same pod. And after all, they’re the ones who always have your back. But hold on, which one of them is you?

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14 Apr 2021

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