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‘Lepidolite’ To ‘Moonstone’: Here Are The Best Crystals To Keep According To Your Zodiac Sign

It’s believed that each crystal in the world holds distinctive and strong energies that resonate with an individual and their issues. These precious stones are entwined with the twelve zodiac signs, each aligning with the different traits and energies.

In the list below, we have mentioned the best stones that one can keep with them on the basis of their zodiac signs. Let’s check the list, shall we?

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1. Aries: Red Jasper

This zodiac is known for its fiery and passionate nature. This stone, with its grounding and defensive qualities, assists in converting the zodiac’s endless energy into determination and boldness.

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2. Taurus: Rose Quartz

The individuals with this zodiac sign are connected to love and sensuality. This stone, which defines love, aligns perfectly with their nurturing character as it promotes self-love, emotional healing and balanced relationships.


3. Gemini: Citrine

Humans with this zodiac sign are known for their curiosity and versatility, and this vibrant crystal complements their intellectual and imaginative aura as it brings clarity, creativity and joy with them.

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4. Cancer: Moonstone

We know that this zodiac sign is quite intuitive and emotional, and this stone resonates with their lunar energy – which increases their intuition, emotional balance and empathy.

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5. Leo: Sunstone

Known for its vibrant and charismatic essence, this stone’s radiant energy aligns with this zodiac sign’s desire for attention and triumph. This stone not just boosts confidence and creativity, but also fills an individual’s life with leadership qualities.


6. Virgo: Amazonite

This zodiac sign is known for its practicality and attention to detail and this crystal assists them to organise and communicate their needs with ease as it enhances clarity of thoughts, balances emotions and promotes effective communication.

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7. Libra: Lepidolite

The individuals with this zodiac sign value harmony and balance in their lives. This calming stone not just aligns with their craving for inner calm, but also eases their anxiety, promotes emotional balance and cultivates harmonious relations.

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8. Scorpio: Malachite

To match their intensity and depth, this crystal resonates with this zodiac’s transformative and spirited nature. The crystal enhances their emotional healing, instincts and personal growth.


9. Sagittarius: Sodalite

This stone encourages truth-seeking and clear communication for adventurous and intellectual individuals with this zodiac sign as it brings clarity, self-expression and wisdom with it.

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10. Capricorn: Garnet

For the grounded and ambitious individuals with this zodiac sign, this crystal, associated with strength and success, boosts their self-confidence, affection and energy.

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11. Aquarius: Amethyst

This zodiac sign is known for its visionary and humanitarian nature and this crystal resonates with their spiritual and intellectual inclinations as it brings clarity of thoughts, instincts, and inner peace.

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12. Pisces: Aquamarine

The individuals with this zodiac sign are both, intuitive and artistic. This stone, which enhances intuition and emotional healing, aligns with their connection to water and brings creativity.

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However, it’s vital to note that these associations are based on ethereal sentiments and experiences with crystals can vary widely for each individual.

17 Oct 2023

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