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Romantic Web Series in English

30+ Romantic Series on Netflix & Other OTT That’ll Make You All Mushy!


The season of cuddles is officially here! And this means that it’s time that you get cosy and comfy inside the blanket with your bae. And, if you are single, it is still the perfect time to get cosy and comfy inside that warm blanket of yours!

So, while you’re all set in that blanket, we have got the perfect thing to give you company. We’re talking about some of the greatest romantic web series on netflix that you can binge-watch all day, every day! These shows are so mushy that they will make you cry, laugh, fill you up with tingling feelings, and make your heart all heavy with love. Let’s admit it, there is nothing better than some extra dose of love!

We’ve curated a list of the best romantic web series on netflix, hotstar & amazon prime for you that are romantic comedies, romantic drama, sad love stories, sexy chick-flicks, and more. In short, we have some english love web series for every mood of yours! All you need to do is just find the right pick from the list that we have curated especially for you! So, without further ado, and let’s get started with our list!

P.S. Be ready with the bowl of popcorn and a box tissues in advance!


10 Romantic Series On Netflix That You Cannot Miss

Romantic Web Series On Netflix

Netflix Romance Series – Unsplash


There is absolutely no shortage of romantic series on Netflix. Whether you’re looking for a steamy drama or intense love triangles, Netflix has got you covered. Also, if you are in the mood for a mindless binge-watch, we have got some terrific shows that are so bad that they’re good. So, without further ado, here’s our list of the top romantic web series on Netflix.

Desi Hindi Web Series




There’s no denying that foreign-language shows on Netflix are truly turning out to be real gems on the streaming platform. The Spanish series Money Heist or Casa de Papel, German show Dark, Turkish show Ateya among many others were some major hits that grabbed the attention of viewers. Well, whether you’ve already seen and loved them or are yet to watch them, you MUST check out Valeria regardless.

Valeria is a Spanish netflix romance series about a writer who has hit writer’s block. To add more to her adversaries, her marriage has lost its spark. The titular character finally finds solace and inspiration in her friends – Lola, Carmen, and Nerea. So, you think things will get fine now that Valeria has found motivation from her friends? Wrong! Her friends are stuck in their own world of OTT drama, unfaithfulness, and ever-changing relationship dynamics. A perfect binge that will turn out to be more dramatic than Sex In The City!

Feel Good


This beautifully detailed and inclusive romantic series on netflix features Canadian comedian Mae Martin, as herself, who falls in love with another woman, who has never dated a woman before. Martin not only has to overcome her addiction to narcotics but also work out her relationship. Witness the realistic world of Mae Martin and feel good!

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever movie - Netflix Romance Series


Never Have I Ever movie – Netflix Romance Series


While there are a lot of stereotypes in Never Have I Ever, it is honestly worth a watch – if you are ready to not put too much brain into it! An Indian American girl named Devi wants to her high-school’s it-girl and attempts to date the hottest boy in order to do so. Sounds cliche, right? It’s a classic teen show that you can watch in a go and forget all about it later. But hey, the show is created by the legendary Mindy Kaling and that’s saying something, right?

Twice Upon A Time


Imagine the French version of Baar Baar Dekho and you will get Twice Upon A Time! Vincent finds a mysterious box dropped at his doorstep and guess what it does? It helps him time travel! So, he uses the box to do the best possible thing he can with it–save his broken relationship. Add this romantic web series on netflix in your playlist.

Sweet Magnolias


Sweet Magnolias is a romantic drama that features JoAnna Garcia Swisher and her two best friends, played by Brooke Elliott and Heather Headley, navigating the complications of life and marriage. Sweet Magnolias is certainly one of the romantic web series on Netflix.


Luna Nera


This partial love story and partial supernatural drama is about a teenage girl who discovers her destiny–which is to turn into a witch! However, her potential father-in-law is not really happy about it. Watch to know what’s in store for these star-crossed lovers and also, the 17th-century background is quite a romantic setting. Don’t forget to watch this english romantic web series on netflix.

Spinning Out


All athletes out there, make some noise because this beautiful, dramatic and romantic netflix series is realistic AF! The skater girl wants to reach the Olympics and represent her nation while at the same time, she struggles with her mental health as well as her relationship. 


Netflix Romance Series

Netflix Romance Series – Riverdale



Remember Archie comics that we loved as kids? Now, imagine the same Archie, Veronica, and Betty in a really, really dark world! That’s Riverdale for you! The teen drama has a lot of dark crimes, passion, and romance that you’re bound to love – just don’t pay a lot of attention to the OTT drama and definitely look out for the soundtrack! If you’re into romantic-thrillers, then Riverdale is the most thrilling netflix romance series.



This is a beautiful show about Ryan, who suffers from cerebral palsy but decides to re-write his identity and lifestyle. Seriously guys, Special is one of the sweetest romantic web series to watch on Netflix.



How hard can love be? Well TBH, it depends on the era we are living in. In today’s time, love can be extremely hard and that’s what the show tells us through its uncomfortably realistic portrayal of relationships in the new world! This amazing romantic series on Netflix is a must-watch!



8 Romantic Web Series On Amazon Prime That You Must Watch

Romantic Web Series On Amazon Prime

Romantic Web Series On Amazon Prime – Unsplash

We are personally in love with Amazon Prime’s collection of romantic series as it is a full package! Are you looking for a romantic comedy? Amazon Prime’s got you! Some feel-good romantic-drama is what you’re after? You’re covered! Want some english romantic-thriller to fill you with passion? No guesses there, they’ve got your back again! So, without further ado, let us check out the best romantic series on amazon prime!

The Big Sick

Kunal Nanjiani plays quite a believable version of himself in this english romantic web series and takes the audience through his early-romance days with his now-wife Emily V. Gordon. The couple wrote a really romantic and touching comedy and we’re sure it’s going to fill your heart with joy and tears both!



Do not confuse this extremely chaotic love story of Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan as a romantic-comedy because it’s much more than that. Their marriage and parenthood will give an uneasy feeling, and show you the true complexities of love. Don’t forget to watch this romantic series on prime.


Romantic Web Series on Amazon - Fleabag

Romantic Web Series on Amazon Prime – Fleabag

It’s not exactly a englush romantic series but it’s definitely one of the best dark and humorous romantic web series on Amazon Prime Video. Fleabag explores the complex character of a woman who’s unapologetically true to herself and her mental, emotional, and physical needs. If you haven’t watched Fleabag yet, do yourself a favour and watch it today– especially for that sizzling chemistry between Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott aka The Father!


Modern Love

You cannot miss this anthropology series featuring Anne Hathaway, Catherine Keener, and John Slattery. Modern Love is a combination of several short stories that are light-hearted, extremely emotional, and funny! Watch it for some unexpected but pleasant surprises!

Sex & The City

The show has definitely aged and what was once a highly rebellious show has turned out to be a little transphobic, a little homophobic, and a lot more unbelievable than it was before. However, we cannot deny that Sex & The City is one of our guilty pleasures and makes for the perfect mindless binge-watch!

Made In Heaven

Amazon Romantic Web Series - Made in Heaven

Amazon Romantic Web Series – Made in Heaven


Do you think all marriages are ‘happily ever after’ and love stories are picture-perfect? Then welcome to the world of Made In Heaven that shows you the uglier side of love and compromise. Different episodes take the audience through different weddings and love stories that are more complicated than the other!


The 18th-century drama revolves around Britain’s recession and civil unrest. In the middle of everything, Ross Poldark returns from the American war to find his family shattered and his lady love promised to his cousin. The drama takes another unpredictable turn when he finds love where he least expects it. If you’re into periodic romance, Poldark is the show for you.


This light-hearted english romantic comedy series is the teen drama about Jenna Hamilton who’s caught in an awkward situation in her college after a simple misunderstanding. Her relationship complications are sometimes extremely hilarious and sometimes extremely exasperating! 

6 Romantic Web Series On Hotstar That Will Blow Your Mind

Romantic Web Series On Hotstar


Hotstar Romantic Web Series – Unsplash

Honestly, we all love Hotstar one major reason–we get to watch HBO exclusive shows like Game of Thrones quite easily! However, if you think that Hotstar is just about GoT then you need to think again, because there are some amazing romantic web series on Hotstar that you simply cannot miss! So, without wasting any more time, let us check out the best romantic series on Hotstar.

How I Met Your Mother

This classic sitcom is never going out of fashion and it’s high time that you quit the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. vs HIMYM debate and accept the show for it is–really funny and quite heart-warming. The story is about five friends, their evolving and changing relationships, and of course, about the journey of how one of these friends found the mother of his children!

Grey’s Anatomy

Best romantic web series on hotstar


Best Romantic Web Series on Hotstar – Grey’s Anatomy

The medical drama is on its 16th season but it just never gets old! Different doctors, different schedules, different cases, and different romance. The show is fast-paced, full of gripping emotions, and extremely addictive. From McDreamy to McSteamy, you’ll find everything here!

This Is Us

This beautiful show takes you through the lives of three siblings and their individual struggles with themselves, their partners, and with their families. Keep some tissues handy before you indulge in this overly dramatic and romantic series on hotstar.

New Girl

Once you’re done with This Is Us and wants to get back to something light-hearted and fun, then there’s New Girl for you. The english romantic series is about a–new girl–and her adjusting into a new life with new friends. The hotstar love web series are cute and the romance is sometimes a little awkward. It is still undoubtedly one of the best romantic web series on Hotstar.



Girls - Romantic web series on hotstar

Romantic Web Series in English – Hotstar

Girls is all about — girls! If you want to watch a female-focused show, then don’t think twice before binge-watching this highly addictive show about four girlfriends who are trying to find balance in their love life, career, self-confidence and… well, life!


Another periodic drama just like GoT, is closely based on the very last days of the Roman empire. The show has just the right flavours of love, passion, betrayal, and thrill. If you loved shows Vikings and The Witcher then you are surely going to like Rome as well!


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Hope you have a romantic time while watching these shows. Happy binge-watching! 

Feature Image: Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

26 Nov 2020

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