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Bride Squad Inspo: Gorgeous Outfit Ideas For Every Indian Bridesmaid!

Naina Sharma  |  Nov 5, 2019
Bride Squad Inspo: Gorgeous Outfit Ideas For Every Indian Bridesmaid!

The bridesmaids have quite an important role to play during their BFF’s wedding. Whether it is a childhood buddy, a college bestie or your own sister- any bride’s experience of getting married is incomplete if she does not have her bridal quad by her side. After all, who is going to do the last-minute touch-ups, make sure that the bride looks her best or help reduce her anxiety as she walks towards the mandap?

While it is important for a bridesmaid to be the bride’s pillar of strength during the course of all the wedding functions, it is an equally hectic task for the bridal squad to prep for the events. From what to wear to how to style your hair, a bridesmaid has a lot looming on her mind. Well, we’ve got you covered with the bit that requires the most amount of time and effort- OUTFITS! Here’s a function-wise breakup of the type of clothes you can wear to the different functions at your BFF’s wedding.

Vibrant Vibes For Mehendi & Sangeet

Ditch The Dupatta



The worst part about having an outfit with a dupatta is that it keeps sliding off your shoulder. Not just that! While you are getting mehendi (henna) put on your hands, you would definitely not want the dupatta coming your way and ruining your oh-so-beautiful mehendi design. This is when a dupatta-free outfit comes to the rescue. 

In order to fill in for the lack of an element in your outfit, you can opt for a heavily embroidered or sequinned lehenga, a full-sleeved blouse/crop top, mirror work on the skirt and similar work.

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Dress In Sync!




Color-coordination is the it-thing! Being in sync with what the other bridesmaids are wearing for mehendi & sangeet is the new trend in town. The entire bridal squad can pre-decide their look together and wear similar hues or patterns. For example, you can all wear similar sarees or wear the same colour. Not only will you get some amazing pictures like this, but your BFF/sister who is getting married will get the best feeling ever to see her squad dressed in sync.

Wear A Comfy Attire For Dancing



The bridesmaids usually perform a quick number or two at the sangeet & some bride(zillas) may have their own specific demands. Some want their BFFs to perform on their favourite ‘Sharara sharara’ while others want them to groove on ‘Nachdene saare’. And, while you are expected to put your soul into your dance, your outfit should be comfy enough to allow you to do so.

You can, therefore, opt for wide-legged ethnic jumpsuits or the safest options of all- a sharara.



Haldi: Traditional Hues For Bride Tribe

Soothing Yellow Tones


Haldi ceremony is all about yellows & greens. In Hindu tradition, the colour yellow is associated with new beginnings as well as happiness & peace. So what better occasion than your BFF/sister’s Haldi ceremony to be all traditional? Keep a yellow outfit reserved for this ceremony as it is not only considered an auspicious colour but will also give you the perfect feel of the function.

You can of course experiment with different hues of yellow from blonde, corn, lemon yellow to pastel shades.

Go Green!


Green is another colour which is considered to be highly auspicious when it comes to weddings. It symbolises life, fertility and health. Green is also a shade which is worn fondly by Indian princesses and Rajasthani royal families. 

You can try out different shades- whether it is parrot green, lime green, olive, mint green, bottle green or pastel green.

Go Chic For Cocktail

Elegant Glamour


Your BFF’s wedding cocktail party is all about having fun while looking like a stunner, of course. It’s about singing, dancing and making some memories that will last you a lifetime. It’s the perfect occasion to wear something elegant and glamorous. You can wear a gown like Genelia. Try a high slit or no slit at all. You can experiment with the material of the gown. Opt for flowy satin and georgette or an elegant net gown. It could have some heavy sequinned work, mirror work or embroidery.

Bold In Black


What better colour to wear at your sister’s cocktail than black? Whether it is a saree, a gown, a lehenga or an anarkali, why not wear black? My personal pick would be a saree which is somewhere close to this- the one that Karishma Kapoor is wearing. For all those who cannot afford Manish Malhotra like the Kapoors, there are many similar sarees available in the market & online. And if you’re in Delhi, you should definitely check out Chandni Chowk. 

Shine Like Divas


The cocktail party is one function where the bridesmaids can skip ethnic and traditional wear. You can opt for something sparkly and super chic. It can be a mirror work dress similar to Malaika Arora’s or it could be a soft gold long dress like the one that Shilpa Shetty wore. Trust me, there’s no harm in going the extra mile for your BFF’s cocktail because once over, that day is never gonna come back.

You can try different glittery shades in golden, rose gold, bronze, copper, white, etc. This particular function is the one where you can experiment the most with bachelorette outfits for bridesmaids and for yourself as well.

The All-Important D-Day Outfit

Mix And Match With The Bride


Here comes the BIG day! The day where all eyes are not just on the bride but also on the bridesmaids. So of course, you need to look your best as well and why not! After all, it is your BFF’s wedding day and you need your best wedding dress as a bridesmaid. 

Mix and match is one of the best ideas that come to my mind. In this case, variety trumps uniformity. Bridesmaids can wear a similar tone saree but yet in different shades as well as patterns. The colours can vary from bright orange and pink to deep green and red. The colors and also the patterns can be pulled off in a contrasting mix and match set of bridesmaid lehengas/sarees. 

No shaadi outfit for the bride or her tribe is complete without getting the jewellery right. It is quite important to put on jewels that complement your entire look. While floral jewellery is more of a sangeet and mehendi thing, you can match your look with hair accessories and gold/silver jewellery of your choice.

Let The Bride Shine Out


If you want to make a statement without outshining the bride, pick colours like white, pink, peach, nude or look for pastel hues. While you’re going to stand out, you won’t be OTT. Wearing lighter, pastel hues will also make your bride shine out who will probably be dressed in bright happy colours. 


Brilliance In Blue


Last but not least, this one is an Alia Bhatt inspired outfit. She wore it for one of her BFF’s wedding and we couldn’t stop swooning. Well, blue is just more than a colour in Hindu symbolism. The kind of blue Alia wore is considered to be a blessed and regal colour. So, undoubtedly, irrespective of whatever shade of blue you choose to wear, you are bound to steal the show. This can also be followed by those who are looking for Indian bridesmaid dresses and ideas.

You can experiment with different shades of blue- royal blue, peacock blue, navy blue, indigo blue and so on, though honestly, there’s not much of a difference among all. 

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