Working In The Time Of Coronavirus - POPxo So Relatable

Like it or not, Coronavirus has completely changed the way how people are at work. And, everyone is left thinking of how to protect yourself from Coronavirus at the workplace. If you too are looking for tips on workplace safety during the Coronavirus outbreak then watch this episode of POPxo So Relatable as we show you a funny and relatable take on Work before and after Coronavirus.


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While most offices have allowed their employees to work from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, many offices continue to be open and employees are working during the coronavirus outbreak. Safety at the workplace in such a situation becomes a massive challenge and the need for awareness and safety precautions in the workplace a must. Watch this episode of POPxo So Relatable to see how Coronavirus has impacted the workplace and how people are dealing with work before and after Coronavirus.

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