When Parents Don’t Understand Emojis - POPxo
When Parents Don’t Understand Emojis - POPxo

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone and everyone is constantly on all social media platforms. From our drivers to our grandparents; all of them are now seen on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and even LinkedIn. They are just everywhere. Moving on, the worse is when the grandparents, the uncles, the aunts and your own parents do not understand the usage of the emojis that are available on our smartphones. They often get confused when it comes to these emojis. Watch this video, to see how a dad gets confused about the emojis and thinks that a particular emoji stands for some sort of food. See how the parents do not understand the use of emojis and often get the children confused as to what they are really saying. We bet this happens with you every time your parents use an emoji to convey something and get you confused in the process.

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