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27 days ago | POPxo TV

How does one define an arranged marriage? Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by their families. Sometimes, a professional matchmaker may be used. As is obvious, the concept of an arranged marriage continues to remain a popular choice for most parents, families and youth in India, even today. Our parents are just after us to get married after a certain age. What they love the most about arranged marriages, is finding the “right one” for you! They speak to everyone from the aunts and uncles to the friends they have to find you the right match.

During these “rishta meetings”, we get to see all kinds of men. The most common is the one whose mother starts to flaunt everything and anything about the boy, i.e how much money does he earn, or how he has the latest phone and the latest car. Not just this; but, there are so many kinds of men we get to see. Which type of men have you come across? Watch this video to know the types of guys you meet for an arranged marriage.

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