Team POPxo Takes On The 1 Minute Sushi Challenge - POPxo
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Team POPxo Takes On The 1 Minute Sushi Challenge - POPxo
Sushi is a Japanese preparation and serving of specially prepared vinegared rice, combined with varied ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and often tropical fruits. Not everyone has a taste for sushi. If you love seafood and some raw rice, then this dish is made for you. Moving on, who would love doing sushi challenges? Would you try eating say 5 sushis in one minute? Or would you be able to complete such a challenge? If you think you can do it, then you need to see whether people in POPxo were able to or not.  POPxo tried yet another fun challenge. This time we asked various team members to participate in this challenge. There were some team members who were trying this for the first time and there were some who just loved having sushi. Watch this video to know what the team members had to go through while trying sushi.
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