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about 1 month ago | POPxo TV

Small little things in our lives bring us the utmost joy. They are the things in our lives that instantly bring a smile to our face. It can be just a small gesture by our parents of gifting us something cute and nice on our birthdays or getting our first car or anything of the sort. It is not just the small little things that we are talking about here about the first experience that you might have ever had.

POPxo team members just shared their first experience. They talk about their first encounters. Some of them share their first encounter with a gynaecologist. While some of them are shown talking about the first car that they ever drove. Not just that, one of the team member is seen talking about the first trip that they took. What is your first experience, that you can never forget? An experience or something that you might have gotten and you might carry on for the rest of your life.

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