How To Make Veg Spring Rolls - POPxo Food
How To Make Veg Spring Rolls - POPxo Food
Hungry often? Why not try this simple and easy recipe of making veg spring rolls at home to kill that hunger of yours. Ingredients: Crumbled paneer - 1 cup Cabbage - ½ Capsicum -1 Salt - to taste Pepper - to taste Soy sauce - 1 tbsp Vinegar - 2 tbsp Maggi masala ½ tsp Spring roll sheets -3 sheets cut into 4 squares Oil - 1 tbsp Method: - Saute the cabbage and capsicum in 1 tbsp oil. Add paneer. Add Soy sauce and vinegar. Add salt and pepper. Do not overcook. - Put the stuffing on the spring roll sheets and wrap them. Fry till golden brown. Serve it with ketchup.
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