Girls While Applying Make-Up : Expectation Vs Reality - POPxo Daily
Girls While Applying Make-Up : Expectation Vs Reality - POPxo Daily

Not everyone is a beauty or a make-up expert. We often ask other people to help us do our make-up, or sometimes, even fail at applying make-up the right way. Things, like getting a winged eyeliner on point, contouring our nose the perfect way, or not letting mascara get smudged all over our eyelids, are just a few make-up techniques we struggle with, almost every day. Sure, we do feel like applying make-up is the easiest job on this planet because the make-up artists and celebrities make it look so easy onscreen. But, clearly, it is not everyone's cup of tea. There are only a handpicked few of us who find the time to apply make-up in the house, in front of a mirror and actually end up with a flawless look. However, there are some of us who apply our make-up while looking into the rearview mirror of a scooter, bike, or even a car, while driving. Which kind are you? POPxo did something rather funny. In this video, we show you what applying make-up really feels like vs what we think it feels like. We show you the expectation vs reality of applying make-up. Watch this video to see the struggles almost every girl has to go through every morning while applying make-up.

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