Family Group Chat - POPxo
Family Group Chat - POPxo

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone and everyone is on all social media platforms. From our drivers to our grandparents, all of them are now seen on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and even LinkedIn. They are just everywhere. Moving on, the worse is when the grandparents, the uncles, the aunts and your own parents form a family group on WhatsApp and you are on it. That is where the conversation from a good morning picture of a lotus to maids running away or who did what is being discussed. POPxo shows you an example of what a family group chat looks like. Let’s say it starts with the grandparents sending everyone a good morning picture of a lotus to the news being discussed and everything else that one could imagine. Who needs the news when there is a family group chat? All you have to do is open your chat every morning and there it is, all the information needed. 

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