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about 1 month ago | POPxo Fashion

Not everyone must be aware of the Bohemian style craze that has been going on from the 1950’s till date. This was something that was started by the hippie travellers who were seen wearing diverse clothing, they used to get inspiration from every country they visited. This sense of style represents the free-spirited lifestyle. Dreamcatchers, Fringe bags, boots to tassel earrings are few things that came under this sense of style. This trend has now returned and from the celebrities to runways, almost everyone is seen sporting this trend nowadays.

Fringe bags is something that we often spot almost everyone carrying around these days. Even top brands have started selling them at a very high cost. The fringe sling bag is something we would love having in our wardrobe. So, POPxo gives you simple and easy steps to a DIY fringe bag. No need to splurge on it when you can do it yourself at home.

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