8 Seemingly Harmless Things We Should STOP Saying Right Now! - POPxo

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8 Seemingly Harmless Things We Should STOP Saying Right Now! - POPxo

We often use statements in our day-to-day life that are considered sexist and some people take offence when you say such things to them. We have to be very careful when it comes to whatever we have to say to others. Not just while talking to people but we also have to be careful about the strong statements that we speak out loud. They are not always harmless and often end up hurting or offending people, which is not appreciated by everyone and anyone. You must be wondering what are these statements? “It must be a girl”, is a statement that often comes out of our mouths when we see a slow car in front of us and we just assume that the driver must be a woman driving, after all, they are the slow drivers. This is just one example. POPxo combined a couple of strong statements that we often are heard saying which can offend people. We tell you why you should avoid saying such statements out loud.

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