Is Reading Horoscopes Your Guilty Pleasure? Check Out This Zodiac-Themed Palette

Is Reading Horoscopes Your Guilty Pleasure? Check Out This Zodiac-Themed Palette

It doesn’t matter how much science and technology bring forth, we will always find a way to stay hooked on the intrigue of zodiac signs. While we can’t calculate the percentage of truth that comes out of those daily horoscopes and tarot readings, all of us are guilty of investing our time in them. Thanks to BH Cosmetics, now our zodiac sign will also determine our taste in make-up. That’s right!


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Getting on the Zodiac-themed products bandwagon, BH Cosmetics has released an eyeshadow and highlighter palette with 25 colours, corresponding to each sun sign. The drama llama Librans get black and purple whereas the two-faced Gemini gets contrasting hues of purple and silver. Arieans get their fill of aqua and black. And it’s even better if you are a cusp of two signs! You don’t need to stick to your signs, go forth and explore the other signs’ shades, but we can’t wait to see how much you like your own shade-combo.


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The celestial theme isn’t limited to the colours which are arranged in concentric circles like a zodiac wheel but can also be seen in the packaging. A white highlighter, symbolising the Sun is placed at the centre of the palette. The case has a mirror inside the box and a wheel on the top.

Priced at Rs 1,425 approximately, this limited edition Zodiac palette is cruelty-free and introduces new shades. Highlighters can be used for the entire face instead of just your eyes. Best Deal: You can get this enchanting palette from here, it’s currently being sold with Crystal Quartz Brush Set and the combo is priced at approximately Rs 1,950, down from Rs 2,975. So, hurry up!

We can’t wait to have more astrology-themed beauty buys to hit our shelves.