No More Standing In Zara's Long Trial Room Lines Courtesy Their New AR App!

No More Standing In Zara's Long Trial Room Lines Courtesy Their New AR App!

Zara is planning to roll out augmented reality (AR) experience across 120 of their flagship stores from 18th April, globally. To experience it, customers will have to download the ZARA AR app. The perfect way to lure in millennials, the app promises to make your shopping experience more interactive, simpler and shorter. 

How helpful is it for shoppers?

1. Well, the two-week initiative will allow shoppers to hold up their phone to certain store windows or a sensor within the store and see the models come to life on their phone screens. They would be walking and talking wearing selected products from Zara range, which means you might not even have to try your clothes anymore, just see it on the hologram models, click and buy it. No more standing and waiting in long trial room lines.

2. ZARA AR will also let users see the visuals of a delivered package from the brand when they hover their device on the package, so you'll be seeing the dress you ordered without even opening the box.   

3. A feature on the app will enable you to share your experience on social media as well, which will encourage users to take the pictures of hologram models. More Insta-worthy stuff coming up!  

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The world’s largest retailer by sales, Zara has built an empire by getting fresh and a range of versatile designs in the stores in less than a month. Zara’s AR initiative is a part of a wider digital drive. Although Zara will be facing a tough competition from brands like Boohoo and ASOS who have quicker turnaround time.

Owned by Inditex, Zara is not the first fashion brand to introduce AR technology. Brands like Rimmel and Gap have launched AR to encourage customers to ‘try on’ products virtually. Burberry added AR functionality to its app in September last year.

The technology feels foreign right now but Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted in one of his interview with Vogue UK that it would soon be a big part of fashion industry. He said, “I don’t think there is any sector or industry that will be untouched by AR.”

ZARA AR app will be available for download from iTunes or Google Play, or via OR code. It would also be accessible from Zara’s official website,

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