Zara Promises Its Clothes Will Be Made With 100% Sustainable Fabrics By 2025

Zara Promises Its Clothes Will Be Made With 100% Sustainable Fabrics By 2025

After oil, the fashion and clothing industry is the biggest polluter in the world. Fast fashion, which runs on the principle of churning out next collections weekly, has come into the limelight for the amount of waste it produces.

We’re happy to report that homegrown brands and many international ones have paid attention to the problem and are taking responsibility by committing to sustainability. H&M, for example, has an active programme that encourages its customers to recycle. Now our favourite fashion brand Zara is walking the same path with its new five-year plan.


That’s right! Zara is reiterating existing goals to go sustainable in all its produce by 2025. Not just that, the brand has plans to become completely eco-friendly to protect Earth’s green cover.

“The initiatives come amid dramatic changes in the industry that are heaping pressure on retailers to change and adapt. The rise of the internet has brought a new degree of digital transparency to the fashion industry, fueling demand for greater openness from consumers and activists as awareness of fashion’s negative #environmental and social impact goes mainstream,” wrote Business of Fashion on Instagram.

> At present, 20% of Zara’s clothes qualify for their new sustainable label called Join Life. It may seem like a small number, but it’s a start.

> By 2020, Zara’s roadmap to sustainability claims to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the supply chain and stop the use of plant-based fibres that are sourced from forests or forests at risk of extinction. Not just that, the brand has already started working on circularity. “We are working with our suppliers to create a circular system that will enable us to recover textile waste and cuttings from our own production and begin to use it to manufacture new garment,” wrote Zara announcing the programme.

> By 2023, Zara is going to banish single-use plastic in its packaging to meet their self-set ‘Green to Pack’ sustainability standard. 

> Before 2025 arrives, all cotton and linen used in Zara clothes will be sustainable and polyester, recyclable. In fact, waste from their facilities won’t contribute to landfill. 

Isn’t that amazing?!

On average, Zara releases 500 new designs a week, 20,000 a year. It is this massive volume of produce that gives it the opportunity to make a difference. Well done, Zara!

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