You Need To Know THIS Before You Download The #Sarahah App!

You Need To Know THIS Before You Download The #Sarahah App!

Over the weekend, a new trend took over our social media platforms. It was the #Sarahah app taking rounds on the internet. Some of you might already know what it is, for those who don’t, you’re at the right place.

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So what’s Sarahah?

It’s an anonymous messaging app, to be precise. You download it and you get to choose if you want to receive anonymous messages from anyone or the people who, just like you, have signed up for the app. As the website puts it, ‘Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.’

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How does it work?

After you sign up, you can share your profile’s url on your social media. That’s basically an access point for the people who want to send you those anonymous messages. People message you, you receive it but you can’t reply and hence, people are using their social media to send out replies to their anonymous messengers.

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What’s the purpose of this app, anyway?

I was bored over the weekend and so I decided to give this app a shot. You know, mostly out of curiosity and peer pressure. While the app developers encourage you to use this app for constructive criticism, the same is not what it’s utilised for.

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So what’s actually happening?

People are using this app for all the wrong reasons - taking out personal grudges, making hateful remarks and getting involved in cyber bullying. The sad part is, they are doing all of this, consciously. The purpose of this app is clearly defeated. While it’s fun, it’s way riskier. 

What are the privacy options it offers?

If you do receive a negative message, Sarahah allows you to report that message as well as block the user. The app also gives you an option to choose if you want to appear in the search category or not. The app doesn’t allow you to delete your account. You’ll have to access their website to do so. Also, there’s no way to find out who sent you that anonymous message if something serious ever happens.

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For someone, who uses the POPxo app, which is a platform for women to discuss anything and everything openly, I definitely DO NOT recommend Sarahah. POPxo is a woman's BFF where she gets relationship advice, makeup tutorials and styling tips as well. It's a one-stop solution for every woman. While POPxo does allow users to go anonymous when they ask questions, take polls, have discussions, post stories, videos, and other fun stuff, it also makes sure that its users are genuine. It’s an affirmative platform where women are safe and are each other's strength. They will push you up instead of pulling you down. And that's the difference.  

People are using Sarahah to put others down and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives, do we?