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Guess What Deepika Padukone Is Up To!

Guess What Deepika Padukone Is Up To!

Amidst the controversy surrounding the release of Deepika Padukone's Padmavat (earlier titled as Padmavati) leading to a possible nation ban on the movie, we were thrilled to see Deepika Padukone show up as the coolest cop we have ever laid our eyes on. While shooting for a TV commercial in Mumbai, Deepika was spotted chilling on top of a police jeep in the full attire and those kickass sunnies. That is exactly how you pull off the Dabangg look!
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deepika traffic cop

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STILL, if you had any doubts about Deepika Padukone being the reigning queen of bollywood - make way to clear all of them now because the actress has been approached to play Prabhas' (the lead actor of the Baahubali franchise) love interest in his bollywood debut. 

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The news currently making the rounds is that Prabhas himself has asked the filmmakers of his Bollywood debut to cast Deepika Padukone opposite him. After all, the king of the box office would only want to be seen with the queen of tinsel town! Just in case Deepika doesnt opt for this role (very unlikely), the filmakers will then pursue Alia Bhatt or Katrina Kaif. Well, we certainly can't wait to see this pair together ruling the box office.