'Yeh Meri Life Hai' Actress Shama Sikander Is Living Her Life In Italy & Yeh Pics Proof Hai!

'Yeh Meri Life Hai' Actress Shama Sikander Is Living Her Life In Italy & Yeh Pics Proof Hai!

Remember the 2004 TV serial 'Yeh Meri Life Hai'? Well, it's 14 years later and Shama Sikander's vacation pictures from Italy are a proof that, truly, yeh uski life hai! As shocked as we are having seen Shama's drastic transformation because she looks nothing like the sweet little Pooja that she was on the show, these vacation pictures - served hot straight from Italy - came as no surprise.

Shama's picturesque posts, stylish outfits and hot swimsuits will take you on a journey to Italy and we are packing our bags already! Here's how to vacation the fashionable way for the gram, courtesy Shama (the) Sikander.

1 shama sikander - polka dots italy

Can you believe that's a swimsuit she's wearing her polka dot button-down skirt on? Well, believe it, baby! Here's the swimsuit.

2 shama sikander - black swimsuit italy

Accessories are as important as that bitchin' bikini of yours and Shama shows you how. You know what else you're packing to the beach other than sunscreen.

3 shama sikander - italy vacation

How to take sun-kissed pictures lesson #101: Do it like Shama. And while you're at it, don't be afraid to show some skin with a pretty off-shoulder top.

4 shama sikander - t-shirt and shorts

A fancy destination calls for fancy outfits. Trade your basic denim shorts for coloured ones and see how amazing your pictures turn out.

5 shama sikander - golden dress rome italy

Especially if you're going with your SO and planning on that dreamy Evening In Rome kind of date, a polished gown will make for the perfect OOTN. Oh BTW! Shama vacationed with her fiance, James Milliron, and her caption for him sums up the romantic country in the cutest manner.

11 shama sikander - boyfriend james milliron

"Together is a beautiful place to be...An evening in Rome...", Shama wrote in an Instagram post.

6 shama sikander - red dress italy

While we're on the subject of maxis, a casual number like Shama's red dress will instantly brighten up your picture. Here are some dresses you can actually wear while travelling.

7 shama sikander - polka dot beachwear italy

Trade your regular swimsuit for a funky one like this polka dot bikini set with a sarong wrap.

8 shama sikander - sunbathing italy

And take off the wrap when it's sunbathing time!

9 shama sikander - crop top and jeans italy

A pair of sneakers that look anything but sporty will take you and your OOTD to places. Plus, it's amazing how easily they pull off any kind of outfit.

10 shama sikander - white dress italy

Didn't we tell you!

Shama Sikander is currently working on Ab Dil Ki Sunn, a short film web series, in which she is playing the lead and has a double role. She's also made it to Bollywood in smaller roles in movies like Mann, Prem Aggan to name a few.