The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2018: These Will Definitely Make You Go WTF!

The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2018: These Will Definitely Make You Go WTF!

Beauty trends have taken the world by storm, especially thanks to the internet. Good, bad, weird or even confusing, they are everywhere! Instagram in 2018 was all about weird trends, thanks to makeup artists competing for creating the most amusing looks. Brows took center stage when it came to creating looks; Halo Brows, Rainbow Brows, Christmas Brows - you name it and we saw it happen. But it was not all about brows, we saw some weird glitter body trends and nail trends were not too far behind either!

If you are experimental enough to try these looks or even check them out, we have curated a list of all the weird trends that we saw all over Instagram in 2018! These looks can be amusing, weird, adventurous or even full of horror! We warned you...  

1. Hair Nails




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Halloween 🎃 Hairstyle nails - yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

A post shared by Nail Sunny (@nail_sunny) on

Halloween nail art just got a bit creepier with Hairy Nails. We get it, it's "art", but why? 

2. Fish-Tail Brows


Image Courtesy: Sadiya on Instagram

While we love the concept of something new and unique, we have a question, "why would you do this to us?" 

3. Halo Brow


Image Courtesy: Joey Healy on Instagram

Heavenly or weird? We will let you decide about this one.

4. Corkscrew Nails




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Happy Swirly Saturday! Here's our latest, 😂very extra, corkscrew nail 🌀using @glamandglitsnails "Fairy Dust" (FAC547) and topped off with "Thrill Seeker" (G581) from the @kiaraskynails Carousel Collection 🎠#corkscrewnails #nailinspo #nailsonfleek #kiarasky #nailstagram #glamandglits #sparkles @wakeupandmakeup @hudabeauty @vegas_nay #wakeupandmakeup #nailsmagazine #nailvids #hudabeauty #vegas_nay @melformakeup @videosfashions @tutoriaisinspirations @naildecorvideos #melformakeup #videosfashions #tutoriaisinspirations #naildecorvideos @nailsvideo.z @lovetutorialsx #lovetutorialsx #nailsartvideos #nails #nailfie #nailart #nailsofinstagram #naildesigns #nailsofig

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We understand and are in awe at the effort that went into this nail art but does it not look like pure horror?

5. Yellow Blush

Sorry, but there's just one word that comes to mind after seeing this - jaundice!  

6. Fish Scale Hair/ Mermaid Hair


Image Courtesy: Dani McAfee on Instagram

When done with the right colors that suit your skin tone, we don't think it is as bad a beauty trend as it may sound like. 

7. Tiger Brows


Image Courtesy: Huda on Instagram

This trend made headlines when beauty guru, Huda Kattan decided to sport it. But we still can't get over why she would in the first place!

8. Garden Brows


Image Courtesy: Joey Healy on Instagram

The look is quite unique and heavenly, to be honest, but we wonder where can we ever wear it?

9. Glitter Face


Image Courtesy: Glitter Injections on Instagram

How we love everything that has glitter! We were very excited when we heard of this trend and the end results do look stunning but we highly doubt the wearability of this one.

10. Sushi Nails

Sushi for lunch? Anytime! But Sushi for nails? We'll have to pass.

11. Tooth Nails




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👍 or 👎? Teeth nails / version || 😜 video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

A post shared by Nail Sunny (@nail_sunny) on

While we have seen many versions of this one, we always wonder what made them try this on their nails!

12. Chain Eyes


Image Courtesy: Chuni Zahedi on Instagram

One question - won't the chain's constant movement when you blink be pretty damn annoying?!

13. Rainbow Brows


Image Courtesy: Nikkie Tutorials on Instagram

We always appreciate the offbeat looks that our favorite beauty blogger, Nikkie Tutorials comes up with and this one is no different. 

14. Tampon Nails

While we are all for feminism, tampon nails just don't sound right at all. 

15. Flower Vase Hair


Image Courtesy:  Taylor R on Instagram

Flowers can be soothing for sore eyes but we cannot say the same about this flower vase hairstyle.

16. Crown Brows


Image Courtesy: Sofie Peterson on Instagram

Yet another brow trend that struck in 2018 was crown brows. Glitter or non-glitter, we are not big fans of this one.

17. Nose Hair Extensions


Image Courtesy: Taylor R on Instagram

This actually looks even worse than it sounds!

18. Penis Eyeliner


Image Courtesy: Danielle Jane on Instagram

We wonder who came up with this and WHYYY? 

19. Glitter Boobs


Image Courtesy: Carissa Brooklyn on Instagram

Music festivals got all the more interesting in 2018 with these Glitter boobs. Impractical and haunting, don't you think?

20. Christmas Tree Brows


Image Courtesy: Taylor R on Instagram

While Christmas tree brows sound festive and look the part, we sure think they are impractical!

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