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So, Girls Serve Cold Food But Airlines Don't? WTF Is This Ad?

So, Girls Serve Cold Food But Airlines Don't? WTF Is This Ad?

I have no idea whether this ad is on TV yet, and if yes, for how long. All I feel right now is utter and total outrage. It starts off with two guys sitting at restaurant and complaining to the manager about their food being cold - which is something I can completely relate to. Everyone who’s ever eaten at a restaurant has been there. The more incensed of the guys demands to speak to the chef and the chef is summoned. The less angry guy tries somewhat calmly to explain to the chef why they’re upset...and discovers that his friend has done a complete volte face and is now actually praising the awesomeness of the cold biryani. Why, you wonder? BECAUSE THE CHEF IS A REALLY GOOD-LOOKING GIRL. Cut to the next scene. The restaurant morphs into an aircraft where our formerly-incensed, currently-enamoured eater is being served his meal. To the following voice-over: “Sometimes it’s okay to have a cold meal, but never when you’re flying.” Because, duh, obviously airlines treat and serve you better than girls do. If you aren’t going WTF right now, I have to say you’re a human being possessed of far more forbearance than me. Because I’m just stuck on the fact that this ad just said that a woman can be forgiven for her professional performance not being “up to standard” - because: a) she’s a woman; b) she’s a really good-looking woman; c) a man is really attracted to her.   WHAT.   As a woman who takes pride in her professional abilities and accomplishments, I hold myself to higher standards. I really do. And every other woman I know does that too. So, as far as a**hole airlines and ad-makers are concerned, f*** you.
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Published on Jul 6, 2016
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