Today's WTF Memes: Twitter Is Trippin' On What People Did Before Stuff Was Invented

Today's WTF Memes: Twitter Is Trippin' On What People Did Before Stuff Was Invented

Social media would be a boring place if memes did not exist. They make us laugh, they make us think and most importantly, they keep us connected to people! I'm currently ROFL to a meme format called Woman Yelling at a Cat'. Do a quick Google search if you haven't checked it out yet. Smudge, the cat is ruling the internet, I tell you!

Another cool meme format I'm also trippin' on is 'Was Invented In...".  It's basically the Twitterati imagining how life used to be before certain inventions came into existence, with a desi twist, of course! *Wink*

The Bollywood Lover's Combo

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Check Out These Viral Memes On Before Stuff Was Invented

Grab a tub of popcorn, will you? You're gonna go on a HAHAHA spree with these viral memes! 

Doctors before the invention of ultrasound be like....

They say expressions are priceless. Virat, do you agree?

Before social media made your neighbour aunty's life easier

This dude was cooler than the Wright Brothers, for sure

If you remember this chewing gum ad, your childhood was gold!

Elevators are for noobs anyway *eye roll*

When life was simple for the Indian cricket team

Life in India before iPhones

This one's a classic

The panwadi knows the way to everywhere!

Before the doorbell was invented ft. Bollywood

When they take the term 'hair ironing' a bit too seriously

RIP math!

And finally, the meme that doesn't steal the cake, but the whole bakery!

Did you guys have a good laugh? I bet you did! These memes are insanely funny. Which one of these made your cheeks hurt because of laughing? I'm all ears! 

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