‘The Worst Bollywood Movie I’ve Ever Watched In The Theatre’ 5 People Share!

‘The Worst Bollywood Movie I’ve Ever Watched In The Theatre’ 5 People Share!

Vidya Balan made a prophetic statement when she said Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai... entertainment, entertainment, entertainment” in Dirty Picture. Why? Well, because there are movies that make the viewers regret spending their hard earned money to watch them in the theatre. Some people answered this question -  What is the worst Bollywood movie you have ever seen - on Quora and here are our favourite answers!

1. When Shahrukh Khan betrays you but you still can’t help love him!

Mahasweta Saha said:

Jab Harry Met Sejal

I would like to kill:

Myself for booking the movie tickets before the release of the movie and without reading any review.

My movie companion for neither warning me nor showing any lack of interest when I suggested her to spend our hard-earned money on this wasted plot.

Shahrukh Khan for ending up with this trash after 51yrs of age and a glorious phase of ruling Bollywood.

Anushka Sharma for her fake and unconvincing Gujarati accent and no depth of character in any scene.

Imtiaz Ali for raising our expectations after making movies like Jab We Met and Highway and leading us to this disastrous torture of 3 hours.

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2. We have to say this man has a point!

Sunil Shetty said:

Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

The Barjatyas were always known for making traditional films with a slice of modernity in them where the hero is a pious gentleman and the heroine most probably a virgin and together they sing songs of innocence in the events leading up to the marriage. Whenever they try to step out of their comfort zone – which is not very often – they lose the plot.

‘Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon’ was a desperate attempt to keep up with the changing times and give out a vibe of being cool, hip and happening. There’s no other way to explain the insane level of overacting on display in the film by all the major and minor characters in it. And as if all the human nonsense was not enough there was even a CGI enabled talking parrot. I hope you got the point.

2 worst bollywood movie

3. When your priorities get messed up!

Dilip Shankar said:


It would be Salman Khan's Kick! The movie felt like a kick to my brain. The story was a recycled template with poor direction and melodramatic dialogues and Salman Khan! I'm not a Salman hater, he is hit or miss for me. In Kick, he was just there, if you get what I mean. Even great actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Randeep Hooda were not able to provide entertainment, my friends and I left the theatre cringing and cursing ourselves for choosing to watch Kick over a road trip we had planned.

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4. There really was no saving grace for this one!

Chetan Umrao said:


Well, every Tusshar kapoor movie gives you a gut feeling of a horrifying experience beforehand and the movie which is solely dependent on doing business on the amount of skin show Sunny Leone does clarifies all…

4 worst bollywood movie

5. This man is winning the internet with his answers!

Sunil Shetty said (again):

Taarzan: The Wonder Car

The director duo of Abbas-Mustan really deserves an award for naming a car Taarzan and for coming up with the idea of a flying and fighting car. All we get is a couple of supposed to be funny scenes put together with some commendable – strictly by Bollywood standards – visual effects. The story fails to have an impact on you because the revenge saga has done to death in Bollywood and just because we have a car this time wasn’t going to change anything. One feels sorry for Ajay Devgan as he is reduced to a spirit stuck in a modified car which also means we don’t get to see him enough in the film. Abbas-Mustan have in the past made some worth watching thrillers but ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’ marks the beginning of the downfall of them as filmmakers.

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