Women Missing In India's $5 Trillion Discussion: New Vision Of India Has Same Old Problem

Women Missing In India's $5 Trillion Discussion: New Vision Of India Has Same Old Problem

The Indian economy is making giant strides towards reaching the $5 trillion mark. The fastest growing major economy in the world wants to reach that magical milestone by the year 2025, and the government is already laying the cornerstones for that project.

Sadly, the contribution on women in India reaching that towering figure is still understated. In a recently released statement by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry titled 'Vision of a New India - USD 5 Trillion Economy', the plan does not mention the word 'women' even once.

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A McKinsey Global Institute report from earlier this year estimated that India's overall gross domestic product could increase by more than 18 per cent if women were given equal opportunities. That would mean an increase of $770 billion or Rs 5,515 crores! One of the solutions to improve our economy has been staring right at us. 

The on-going India Economic Conclave had an opportunity to set things right, or at least lay the path down for others to follow. But one look at the list of delegates scheduled to speak at the event, you are left disappointed. Just seven out of the 58 speakers at the conclave are women. If you include the Times Now (the host for the event) representatives, that is not promising either - 13 out of 67 people. 

To tip the scales in the right way and have more women participate at such events, we have a compiled a list of names that could have been included to speak at the conclave. These eight women are among pioneers in their fields and stark advocates for any discussions on economic growth and development. Here's a look at them:

1. Chitra Ramkrishna - The First Woman CEO Of The National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Chitra has been a part of India's leading stock exchange ever since its foundation in 1992. As the first woman to head the NSE, Chitra knows the insides of the financial sector of India like the back of her hand - right from the time we made our first strides into the global economy.

2. Mallika Srinivasan - Head Of Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd

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The CEO of one of India's most important agriculture equipment companies is non-other than a woman. Mallika has seen the twists and turn of India's largest economic contributor and how it can affect business for a company and the country.

3. Gita Gopinath - Chief Economist Of The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The first woman to ever hold that office, Gita would immediately be a pick to provide economic insights at any conclave. She is already working with another leading mind of our era, Christine Lagarde (MD of the IMF), while also specialising in macroeconomics and international trade.




4. Ekta Kapoor - Television Producer and Joint MD of Balaji Telefilms

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A key part of Ekta's success in the early 2000s was her ability to understand her audience (which was primarily the women of the country) and her ability to influence them with content. All that made a true pioneer. If there is anyone who knows the Indian consumer and derive insights for economic growth, it's Ekta Kapoor.


5. Meena Ganesh - Entrepreneur

She comes with nearly three decades of experience leading firms in healthcare, consulting, technology, outsourcing, education and e-commerce. Meena's repertoire is only enhanced if you know that she was named in Forbes India 50 'Most Powerful Women in Business' for three successive years between 2015 and 2017.


6. Avani Davda - The Youngest CEO In The Tata Group

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At 33, Avani Danda was already the CEO of Tata Starbucks and the youngest person to head a company in the Tata Group. Despite India's primarily tea-drinking population, Starbucks has managed to make inroads into the market and Avani was there to see that happen. She is currently the MD of Godrej Nature's basket.

7.  Vinita Bali - Former Managing Director (MD), Britannia Industries

As the head of one of India's biggest food and beverages companies, Vinita has literally seen how food affects the growth and development of a nation. During her time, she had also overseen the launch of Rasna and also served as the Chair of the Board of the Directors of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition. 

8. Priyanka Gill - Founder & CEO, POPxo

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Of course, this list would not be complete without the women in technology, and who better to look at than Priyanka Gill, the founder and CEO of POPxo, for some inspiration! Priyanka Gill tapped into one of India's most understated markets - the Indian women - and based her success by listening to that section of the population. POPxo is now India's largest online community for women, uniting a 14 million strong userbase, from the shores of Kerala to the slopes of Kashmir. POPxo is now available in six languages, which gives the company a vast insight into the understanding of the impact of women on the economy.



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