Women Are Buying Bathtub Tables While I'm Still Using Patanjali Rose Kanti Soap

Women Are Buying Bathtub Tables While I'm Still Using Patanjali Rose Kanti Soap

I honestly believe if you market a product smartly, it will sell. Doesn't it hold true for all those things that don't add value to our lives but are super popular? 

When you dig deep into the dark side of the World Wide Web, you'll come across bizarre inventions such as the portable toilet paper dispenser, noodle splash protector, shouting vases and baby mop romper... amongst many others. Wait, let's add one more to this list. Meet the bathtub table!

A wooden table which has sections for you to place mugs, books, phones and even food. Because who just takes a simple bath anymore, right?

Sharon Su, a Twitter user took to her feed to share images of this bathtub table talking about why she feels that this invention makes her feel we've all been bathing wrong all this while.

Have a look at how she scooped humour out of this pseudo-luxury buy.

1. Now you can do everything while bathing, except bathing because you're gonna use for hands for other things.

Sharon Su 7

2. Because if you have a table then why not put everything on it. 

Sharon Su 6

3. Because soaps and shower gels don't have a fragrance that is strong enough, right? 

Sharon Su 5

4. Bathing time is basically for catching up with the world. 

Sharon Su 4

5. Looks like they took 'an idle mind is a devil's workshop' too seriously. Now, I won't end up overthinking in the shower.  

Sharon Su 3

6. Wine and dine is too mainstream! Who needs bars now?

Sharon Su 2

7. They seem to have figured out the real reason behind going for a bath. And it was never to clean yourself.

Sharon Su 1

This table costs approximately Rs 5,000 and here I am still using Patanjali Rose Kanti soap that costs Rs 40.

What has the world come to. Where's some 'me' time?

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