Superwoman: Wife Rescues Husband As He Falls Into A Volcano On Their Honeymoon

Superwoman: Wife Rescues Husband As He Falls Into A Volcano On Their Honeymoon

Wedding planning is one of the most time-consuming things, isn't it? Who doesn't want their wedding day to be perfect and a memorable one?! Couples invest a lot of time in selecting the venue, caterers, decoration, buying their attires, making the guest list and whatnot. Their escape from all that work is their honeymoon. Which, most couples really look forward to.

Well, we have to say, it's only fair to spend time planning the first long trip that a couple takes together. From making a list of the best places to visit, restaurants to eat at to looking for shopping hubs and luxury hotels to stay at, most of us like to have an itinerary planned in advance so things don't go haywire and we can have a great experience together.

Sadly, mishaps are inevitable. A recent incident that happened to a couple on their honeymoon is one such example.

Newlyweds Acaimie and Clay Chastain from Indianapolis, US, went to visit the Caribbean island of St. Kitts for their honeymoon and met with an unfortunate accident. Hubby Clay fell into the Mount Liamuiga, a stratovolcano, where the couple had gone for hiking.


Acaimie narrated the incident to BBC, "I heard a really loud snap and then what sounded like a huge boulder rolling down the hill. After hearing this, I went ahead to see what had happened, only to see Clay lying on the ground with blood pouring from his head. Because of the fall, Clay had cracked vertebrae, a fractured skull and a serious concussion." 

Clay told the Indianapolis Star, "One second I’m climbing, the next second the world is spinning, and I can hear her calling down to me."

Acaimie didn't go downhill with her hubby as she had a fear of heights. But on hearing the sound, she quickly ran to see what had happened. On her way down, she found his phone and the bandana he was wearing and feared something wasn't right.


She descended down the mountain and found Clay lying on an uneven surface. There was no cell service for her to contact anyone or seek help. That's when she knew that they were on their own. She told him, "We're going to have to be strong. We're going to have to climb out of here."

Recalling the incident, she told BBC, "Clay had enough strength left in him to climb out of the volcano and walk two miles back to the base, but he stumbled and even vomited on our way back." She added, "He was leaning on me a lot and he was just gasping more and more and he just kept asking me 'how much farther?' It was a miracle that he was able to support himself for as long as he did with the injuries he had."

Acaimie carried her husband like this until, finally, she got cell reception. She called for help and the paramedics arrived at the couple's aid.

Clay is currently admitted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recovering from his injuries. He took to his Facebook account to share a picture of him with a long caption talking about the incident and how his wife became his life saviour. Check it out:

We wish Clay a speedy recovery and hope that the couple can go for another honeymoon super soon!

Featured Image: Facebook

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