Dear Future Husband, Can You Be As Cute As Virat At Our Wedding?!

Dear Future Husband, Can You Be As Cute As Virat At Our Wedding?!

He is dreamy, she is a total charmer, and they are finally married! Yep, no points for guessing, we are talking about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s fairytale (but secret) wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Fondly called #Virushka by their fans, the gorgeous couple who had kept their relationship under wraps all along, tied the knot in a beautiful destination wedding ceremony on the 11th of December, 2017. But apart from being totally smitten by the wedding, we are bowled over by the cutie pie that is Virat! There are groom goals, and then there are goals set by Viral, which are definitely difficult to beat. Here are some pictures to prove just how adorable he was and that he is the #BestGroomEver! We so hope every dulha in the world could be like him! *dreamy eyes*

1. He just couldn’t take his eyes off Anushka

3 virushka

If somebody could only look at me the way Virat looks at his Nushki, my life would be super successful!

And the way he hugged her after their engagement... I literally have tears in my eyes!


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2. He did not leave her alone for ONE minute

5 virushka

Not during the mehendi, not during the wedding, neither the pheras and NOR the vidaai! Just, how adorable!?

3. He held her hand through all the ceremonies

2 virushka

Yes, he did! And not because he had to! Now, that’s goals!

4. He sat next to her at the mehendi function and got some applied on his hands too!

1 virushka

Thodi si, but he did! He sat beside her throughout the ceremony and we’re literally crying happy tears looking at these two.

5. He was the most chilled out groom ever... Having so much fun at the haldi!

8 virushka

Yeah, while most grooms run away from the haldi ceremony, he was sitting there dancing and just having fun!

6. He never let the smile fade away from his bae’s face

9 virushka

Not once! And he never will.. Coz’ they are LOVE!

7. He coordinated his wedding outfit with Anushka’s perfectly

4 virushka

Yes, that’s just Virat for you! His love for his wifey (OMG, can’t contain my excitement) shows in his eyes. So how could he not coordinate his looks with her!

8. He made sure that their ceremony is a fun affair!

10 virushka

Even during the pheras and pooja, he made sure he kept things light! How does he do that?

9. He made her smile during the vidaai too!

7 virushka

Yessss, he did not EVEN let her shed a single tear during the vidaai. She smiled and waved back while bidding her family goodbye post the shaadi.

10. He even sang for her at the sangeet ceremony!


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This guy, we tell you!

11. He was breathtakingly adorable throughout all the ceremonies...

6 virushka

Because well, let’s face it.. He’s Virat Kohli!

What a cutie, man! But oh well, he’s Anushka’s now! JK.. We wish both these stunning people a very, very happy married life ahead!

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