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13 Reasons Why... Rahul Khanna From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Would Make The Worst Husband Ever!

13 Reasons Why... Rahul Khanna From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Would Make The Worst Husband Ever!

Love Karan Johar's masterpiece, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? You know the whole Tina-Rahul-Anjali love triangle where it was supposed to be an epic lovestory about two best friends who fall in love and at the end everything is happy and merry? Well, I'm here to tell you why Rahul Khanna was actually the worst hubby choice for Anjali. Team Aman, all the way (YAYYY)!

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1. He’s always freaking late, man. He was late for a game of basketball with his bestie Anjali. Cut to years later he was two hours late to meet his daughter to go shopping. I mean who the fuck makes his 8-year-old beti wait on the streets of Mumbai for two hours!?


2. Rahul is a cheater, he is a cheater, he is a cheater, CHEATER, and he even lies about it. Guts, man!

3. Rahul Khanna is probably that person on a Whatsapp group chat who shares the worst kind of sexist jokes and laughs to himself.

4. He uses actually uses force to first cheat in the match, twists Anjali's hand and then when she starts wincing in pain he says, "Please ladkiyon ki tarhan mat chillao!" WHAT?!


5. Super arrogant, with not too much merit, you know. He loses in sports, has to lip-synch during a stage performance and says he'll fail without Anjali in exams, so what's with the attitude, dude?!

6. Who the hell flirts with someone who is already engaged to another man?

7. He’s such a freaking know-it-all. Pyaar is this, dosti is that and he keeps telling Anjali to shut up and get lost, WHY? Who the hell made him the expert?!

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8. His life mantra: Stereotypically hot girls >; heart and personality.

9. He’s so self-centred and self-indulgent, don’t you think? Anjali is leaving college because her father is ill and all he has to say is "Tum mujhe chodd kar jaa rahi ho?" and "main fail ho jaunga". Like bro, your best friend is moving back home for a fam emergency, a little empathy would be great!

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10. Games and chases, way too important to our fave R-dawg!

11. Even though he might flirt with the hot girl, he'll only fall in love with the girl he can take home to his mom. Think about it, London return Tina is only Rahul worthy once she sings 'Om Jai Jagdish' and then when he meets her at the temple. Stereotyping Indian women much?!

12. He judges close to everything on people’s clothes. So if Anjali wants to chill and hang out at home with no makeup in her nighty, Rahul is probably off finding another Sonia or Tanya to tie a friendship band to.

13. Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy.

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14. He mansplains even when he doesn’t know jack shit like in the antakshari scene he completely shuts down little Anjali, Daadi, and Mr Almeda when they're trying to explain things to him even though he actually doesn't know too much about it. Typical man!

15. The arrogant bully in him never really dies, right? First with new girl Tina when he forced her to sing “pa dha ni sa” in front of the whole college and then with his daughter and mom shutting them up with “bas maine keh diya” when they want to go to a summer camp. Obviously, those signs are going to show in a marriage too! *rolling eyes*

Also, side note: Don't you think it'll be way too creepy to take your daughter's name in bed? Ahhh, the visual!

As I imagine poor Anjali will later on in life think about what a HUGE mistake she made on her wedding day. She'll probably be sick of handling her annoying daughter (who still hasn't stopped meddling, BTW), her mom-in-law who bitches about her, and her douchey hubby. She's probably still stalking Aman and his new wife on Facebook and wishing upon a falling star for her life to turn around!


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