Are You Watching Naagin 3? 11 Reasons Why You MUST!

Are You Watching Naagin 3? 11 Reasons Why You MUST!

It was a particularly dull day so I decided to add some spice into my life, with a TV show that's taking Indian television by storm. Naagin 3, the third installment of a really successful Ekta Kapoor franchise, was indeed an exotic watch. Here are a few thoughts I had on why you should be watching this season of Naagin!

1. The intense makeup will leave you with inspiration. That you may follow at your own risk. 

naagin 3 06

2. The history of Naagins and some very twisted logic about how they can predict the weather. Sab pata chal jaata hai inko

3. Graphics galore! The ones stolen straight from The Matrix will leave you in splits. 

naagin 3 04

4. How To Be A Vamp 101: Always yell for no apparent reason and question why people don't like you. 

5. There are some adorable dogs on the show and I'm not kidding about this. 

naagin 3 03

6. A bunch of taglines you can use for your next introduction in public.

"Apki tareef?"

"Jitni bhi ki jaaye kam hai."


7. It is a modern-day fairy tale with a rich lead actor. He wears airpods all the time to prove that he is indeed a millionaire, who didn't have to sell his kidney for it.

 naagin 3 05

8.  If you want to be the lead actress in a TV show, you need to be selfless and giving... no matter what the circumstances are.

9. There is no storyline, so you can watch any episode at any time and it still won't make sense! Yay. 

naagin 3 01

10. You need to be impeccably dressed at all times. Even if you are just going to investigate a temple you bought. Why does none of this seem strange? 

11. Naagins are very good swimmers but all their crimes are related to water. I'm done. 

naagin 3

Watch it tonight guys! Or just stream it on Voot

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