Ever Wondered Why People Drink Milk On Their ‘Suhagraat’?!

Ever Wondered Why People Drink Milk On Their ‘Suhagraat’?!
You guys must have watched tons of Bollywood movies and thereby tons of suhagraat scenes too... (No, we aren’t judging you). But do you ever wonder why the bride brings a glass of milk with her on the first night of her marriage? No clue, right? Well, someone asked the same question on Quora and the answers will just make you laugh till you cry… People have given bizarre reasons and you just can’t miss this one. So here, read them all and have a good laugh.

1. “Coz it increase your sex performance…” - Umm, really?

Piyush Shrivastava answers on Quora: It is a tradition which follows a popular myth that drinking milk increases sperm count and stamina. But doing something just before having sex wouldn't do anything. There are a number of ways to increase sex performance but all the natural ways are beneficial if followed for a long period of time. 1 Indians drink milk on the first night

2. “Milk acts as an aphrodisiac” - Brand new information, guys!

Varadraj V Adya answers on Quora: Milk is a substitute for food. You need energy after a long, tiring day for some ding-dong. Also, they mix almonds and some other dry fruits to the suhagraat” milk, which by the way, acts as an aphrodisiac.

3. “In India, milk is the solution to everything” - Or it’s just something that every Indian mom believes.

Roopali Mhatre answers on Quora: It’s a thing in India… Everyone believes milk is the solution to EVERYTHING. Got Cold? Drink hot turmeric milk. Want to become fair? Drink turmeric milk. Want fair children? Drink kesar haldi badam wala milk. Want to become stronger? Drink lots and lots of milk. But for the suhagraat, I think they drink milk to get enough energy to perform sexually on the first night. 3 Indians drink milk on the first night

4. “Sharing milk is symbolic to sharing life” - Wait, WHAT? *Cannot Stop Laughing*

Anonymous answers on Quora: From my experience of watching Bollywood movies, it is only one glass of milk that the bride brings which both the bride and groom share. It signifies that they will share all the sorrow and happiness with each other for rest of their lives, just like the glass of milk.

5. “Coz coffee and tea won’t taste as good as milk” - We beg to differ *revolts*

Ravichandran Subramanian answers on Quora: When the girl walks into the room, she feels shy. It is obviously a little awkward. Both the husband and wife are full because of the wedding feast... So, during the earlier days there was no refrigerator. The only drink that was suitable at night was/ is milk. If you take tea or coffee for your husband, it won’t taste as good as milk. 5 Indians drink milk on the first night

6. “Misconception from movies” - Perhaps, it is.

Tarun Kaushik answers on Quora: Indians generally drink milk on a daily basis. I don’t know what's so special about ‘THAT’ day. Also, I think it’s a misconception from movies. You can read the full thread on Quora, here. Some very interesting answers... :P