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WHY Are Men So Quiet During Sex? ... Guys Answer!

WHY Are Men So Quiet During Sex? ... Guys Answer!
Girls, we are sure at least once in your lifetime you must have wondered why guys are so quiet during sex... Is he trying to concentrate? Is he not feeling anything? Why isn’t he saying anything? WHY? Well, we know it is annoying at times...and when you feel you can’t really ask them about it, Quora helps us find answers. Yes! Here are a few men answering the most common question we want to ask our boyfriends - WHY are you so quiet during sex?

1. Because FOCUS!

Bennett Nelson answers on Quora: It takes concentration and effort for a man to perform intercourse well. To do so requires effort and concentration. Can you rub your belly ‘and pat your head at the same time? Of course you can. But the real question is; which can you do well, while doing the other? Oh, you can’t do either well at the same time? Mmmm. 1 why guys are so quiet during sex

2. Because...masturbation

Michael Kestner answers on Quora: Years and years of having to masturbate quietly for fear of being caught by parents or siblings or roommates, I would imagine. It’s a learned behavior that is difficult to break out of.

3. Because it is embarrassing

Matt Hearnden answers on Quora: It's probably because we're embarrassed. Guys aren't “meant” to make noise (read: express themselves) or whatever. It's not your responsibility to change anyone, but you can encourage them. Tell your guy that you like it when he makes noise, or that it turns you on, or that it's just plain okay to make noise when you're in pleasure. 3 why guys are so quiet during sex

4. Because it’s time for ACTION

Michaelis Maus answers on Quora: I mean, for reals, the talking was what got us into bed, now it's time for action. You can find the full thread on Quora here! MUST-READ: 6 Girlfriends Confess: The *Little* Annoying Things About Boys! MUST-READ: Living With The In Laws? This Is How Couples Get “Alone Time”!