Why Do Men Cheat On Their Partners? 5 Husbands Share...

Why Do Men Cheat On Their Partners? 5 Husbands Share...

Did you know the secret behind a successful relationship was never just love? Loyalty plays a big part in keeping two people together because after all is said and done, love is a choice more than anything else. A healthy relationship stands on love, will and commitment. So, choose wisely.

But some people forget this. That’s why we get to hear stories of husbands cheating on their wives all the time. Most of the time, every cheater has a ‘valid’ explanation for it but that never makes it better. Some excuses are maybe, somewhere acceptable but some are not valid at all. So here are some confessions from a variety of men on Quora, on why do they cheat.

1. The one who notices women, unintentionally...

Craig Fetcher answers on Quora: “I think the reason is simple - even when married with children you still never lose the impulse and attraction to women.

At the gym, at the store, running an errand, etc. Men just notice attractive women. I know that attractiveness is somewhat subjective but men notice. We just do. I honestly wish that I could make it go away and somehow turn off the switch for anyone but my wife, but I can’t.”

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2. The one whose dad has made some relevant observations!

Janin Lyndovsky answers on Quora: “My dad told me that if the man cheats on his wife it means that… He doesn't truly love her, the strong bond based on deep trust and understanding isn't there, he is missing something at home (not necessarily sex, but he is missing understanding, someone to talk to, someone to laugh with, intimacy, etc and all these later leads to having sex with someone else, someone who provides all these what is missing at home). If he loves his wife unconditionally, he wouldn't be able to cheat on her. My dad said that no woman appeared to him as attractive as my mum has, so he wasn't interested in anybody else.”

3. The one who is stuck in the wrong marriage

Anonymous answers on Quora: “Some men don’t set out to be unfaithful. Some men find themselves in a situation where they are missing every single possible emotional & sexual connection at home. Some men find themselves in a relationship where their partner doesn’t give a shit. Some men don’t want to put their current wife in a bad financial spot even though their wife doesn’t give a shit about them. Some men want to keep their kids in the life they’ve grown accustomed to so that they can continue to thrive where they’re at. Some men aren’t unfaithful out of a desire to have sex with other women.”

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4. The one who is committed but not happy with his sex life…

Anonymous answers on Quora: “I have been married for 19 years and have never cheated on my wife… and never plan to.

That’s it right there: “…never plan to.” Commitment. Most husbands cheat on their wives because they see marriage as an arrangement of compatibility. “As long as we get along and she makes me feel good, I’ll stay faithful.” So eventually, something changes, they aren’t as happy, and so they look for that happiness elsewhere, rather than working to fix the problem.

My first reaction to your question is to answer with “SEX!” Many men cheat on their wives because their wives don’t value the sex life of their marriage. But that is an excuse, not the root cause. The root cause is that rather than work on fixing the problem in their marriage, like a poor sex life, they simply give up and go look for another person who seems to be more compatible in that department without putting in any of the work. I will be honest, here. My sex life kind of sucks.”  

5. The one who explained it in the best way possible!

Adam Carpenter answers on Quora: “Skittles. You choose your favorite Skittle. Let's say it's red. You decide to eat only red Skittles for the rest of your life. But orange is so good. Tangy, sweet. And so is green—maybe a little too tangy but still nice. And you ever had a slightly cold yellow Skittle on a hot day? Yeah. Now, red reminds you of your first bag of Skittles. It makes you happy. It's delicious every single time. But orange… orange looks good, too. So you find yourself looking and thinking about the colors and flavors of different Skittles. You think, “Red will never know if I just…”

A real man throws out all the other Skittles the moment he gets married. And a boy… well, boys like candy.”

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You can read the full thread here on Quora.

Our planet is filled with different types of men, one of them, is your type and you’ll know when you meet him. Until, then, savdhaan rahein, surakshit rahein!

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