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#TBT: Selena & Janhvi Wore The Same Dress And IDK Which 'One To Love And One To Lose'

#TBT: Selena & Janhvi Wore The Same Dress And IDK Which 'One To Love And One To Lose'

This Thursday, we're throwing it back to the time when things were a lot different in the glam world. To the time when Selena Gomez was dating The Weeknd and Janhvi Kapoor used to walk hand-in-hand with her sister Khushi Kapoor instead of Ishaan Khatter. When both Selena and Janhvi wore the same dress and in the same style no less. Here, we'll show you.

*Dramatic flashback music*

Janhvi Kapoor

1 janhvi kapoor selena gomez - janhvi with khushi at airport

2 janhvi kapoor selena gomez - kapoor sisters in dress

Selena Gomez

3 janhvi kapoor selena gomez - the weeknd

4 janhvi kapoor selena gomez - dating the weeknd

5 janhvi kapoor selena gomez - taking picture from her phone with the weeknd

You see, now?

In a strappy and striped Isabel Marant dress with asymmetrical hemline, both Janhvi and Selena styled their outfit with white sneakers. While Janhvi opted for a bright red handbag as an accessory, Selena went for sunglasses.

We're loving this fashion face off between the two celebrities. Who do you think wore it better - Bollywood or Hollywood?

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