#Confessions: What We Notice *First* About Someone We Like...

#Confessions: What We Notice *First* About Someone We Like...
We have all been on dates. While some of the dates go well, some of them just suck. Yeah, there there! Dating is tough. After a bad date, we often ask ourselves - “What could have gone better?” Sometimes, we do know the answer, and sometimes, we are just clueless. Well, we do have an answer for you all. Whisper is a website where people anonymously confess the different things that happen to them. We found this super interesting thread which might just help you boost your dating game. The thread is called Daters Confess: What I Notice First About Someone I'm Interested In. Read on to find out what kind of a first impression is the best one!

1. This is such a turn off!

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2. Grooming is SO important.

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3. Every guy likes a girl who smells nice and vice versa.

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4. Good thing? Bad thing? Not sure.

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5. Yes, you gotta figure if the person is genuine or not.

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6. Okay, this one is a bit weird. :P

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7. You gotta be humble!

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8. Everyone loves someone who sticks to their word.

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9. A good sense of humor is such a turn on.

9 whisper app confessions We found these confessions here. So, what's the first thing that you notice about someone?