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We Know What Kind Of *Sarojini Nagar* Shopper You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

We Know What Kind Of *Sarojini Nagar* Shopper You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Whether you’re from Lajpat Nagar or Lokhandwala, there is no way you don’t know about Sarojini Nagar. The South Delhi street market attracts shoppers from various parts of the country and from what I know, never disappoints. The Sarojini Nagar market is loved by homemakers, working professionals and college students alike. The market has something to offer each, from crockery, chic accessories to the most on-trend pieces that are sometimes hard to find even in the malls. That too, all at next-to-nothing prices. We’re talking anywhere between Rs 50 to Rs 400. Shook? We were too.

Having said that, a trip to Sarojini Nagar market sometimes seems more like a challenge than a shopping experience. A challenge worth taking, but a challenge nonetheless. Whether you make these trips alone or with your friends, the different kinds of shoppers you spot at the market will keep you entertained. We’ve decoded the kind of Sarojini Nagar Market shopper you are based on your zodiac sign. Want to know which kind you are? Start reading:

1. Aries - The One Who Can Go On All Day

1 aries sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

Aries loves to be on top - number 1. Whatever the challenge, she will dive into it and, more often than not, win it. As a Sarojini shopper, no matter the crowd, the heat and the relentless bhaiyas, this zodiac is one to go all day till she finds the best buys.

2. Taurus - The One That ‘Can’t Even’

2 Taurus sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

Like their sign, the bull, Taureans like to be around serene, soothing environments and sounds. 15 minutes into Sarojini Nagar shopping and the Taurean girl is sick of the sweaty shoppers and noisy marketers on the street. It’s a matter of time before this zodiac goes ‘See ya, never’.

3. Gemini - The Regular Who Gets Special Treatment

3 Gemini sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

The Gemini girl is the life of the party, the most coveted guest. So, it’s only natural for this zodiac to be the regular who gets all the bhaiyas pulling out the best stuff for her at the best prices.

4. Cancer - The One Who Sweet Talks Bhaiyas Into Lowering The Price

4 cancer sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

The Cancerian girl has an intuitive ability like no other and effortlessly picks up energies around her. She’s also super gentle and very compassionate. No wonder she charms the bhaiyas into bowing down to an acceptable price.

5. Leo - The One That Whines A Lot

5 leo sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

Put your hands together, because the Leo girl has arrived. This zodiac sign loves drama like it’s her life. The first opportunity to showcase her talent - like the heat being too much or the bhaiyas not giving in - and she throws (a bit of) a fit.

6. Virgo - The One Who’s There Only For The Street Food

6 virgo sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

Virgos are represented by the goddess of wheat and culture. When it comes to food, their attention to detail is unmatched. This explains why girls with this zodiac are there more for the kachoris and golgappa than the clothes.

7. Libra - The One Who Buys Statement Pieces But Regrets It Later

7 libra sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

They say Libras make great stylists and designs thanks to their love for anything artistic and aesthetically exceptional. I guess that’s why they’re the ones looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. However, they are also indecisive and tend to rethink their initiatives, so they end up regretting their buys once they get home.

8. Scorpio - The One Who Digs Till She Drops

8 scorpio sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

If you know a Scorpio girl, you’ve probably already noticed that she knows what she wants. And isn’t afraid to work hard to get it. She sets goals for her Sarojini Nagar shopping trip and she will achieve them no matter what. Even if the bhaiyas aren’t interested in showing her the good stuff, she’ll start digging herself till she gets to that one piece.

9. Sagittarius - The One Who Knows The Hottest Spots

9 sagittarius sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

If you’re going to Sarojini Nagar, we suggest you take the Sagittarius girl along. Why? She loves chasing adventures, especially the geographical kind. This girl will navigate you to the best spots and save your time and energy.

10. Capricorn - The One Who Only Buys Zara And Mango Pieces

10 capricorn sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

The Capricorn woman holds herself to high standards and sticks with it even at a street market like Sarojini Nagar… which is why she doesn’t touch anything that isn’t Zara or Mango and the likes.

11. Aquarius - The One That Can’t Bargain To Save Her Life

11 aquarius sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

You will never meet a rebel like the Aquarian girl. Yes, this girl is too stubborn for her own good and will not budge from her proposed prices. The Sarojini Nagar bhaiyas tend to not give in unless you’re a bit flexible… so, mostly, it’s a big bargaining fail.

12. Pisces - The One Who Shops For That Goa Trip That Never Happens

12 Pisces sarojini nagar shopper zodiac

The Piscean girl, being a water sign, loves the beach but is also caught between fantasy and reality. So, even though the Goa trip she’s always on about is never happening, she buys the cute beachy clothes just in the hope that it finally happens someday soon.

Published on Jun 28, 2018
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