#AskPOPxo: BB or CC Creams: Which One Is Better?

#AskPOPxo: BB or CC Creams: Which One Is Better?

If there's one question all of you guys have been asking us, it's the real difference between a BB and CC Cream. It's one of the most commonly asked questions on the POPxo app and we thought we would finally put it to rest

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CC Cream

A CC Cream is a Colour Correcting cream and is designed to improve an uneven skin tone and reduce redness. A CC cream usually corrects any redness or dullness in your skin and provides a little more coverage than a BB Cream.

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BB Cream

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm, it's designed to be your all-in-one moisturiser, primer, and foundation. A BB cream is lighter than a foundation but it will give you better coverage than a moisturiser. 

So which one is better? A BB Cream or a CC cream?

That depends entirely on your skin type. If you suffer from skin discolouration and dullness, a Colour Correcting Cream will correct the brightness and give your skin an even tone. If you need just a slight amount of help to give your skin a light tint and you don't want to use too many makeup products or too many products in general... A BB cream will replace a moisturiser and foundation and prove to be a lazy girl's best friend!

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If you have acne scars, dark circles, and pigmentation; skip the BB and CC creams and opt for a foundation instead. 

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