The Age-Old Question: “Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?”

The Age-Old Question: “Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?”
“Where have all the good guys gone?” This has been an unanswered question since forever, and different people have different takes on it. What exactly do we mean when we say “good guys”, though? Are we talking about the ones who are loyal? The ones who are intelligent? The ones who’ll be with us come what may? Or the ones who love us more than anyone in this world? These questions are subjective ones, but somehow, in today’s world, they tend to get generalized and we are almost all quite casual about saying that there are no “good guys” anymore. Well, maybe they are right here...or maybe we’ll have to hunt them down? Or do we just have extremely high expectations? Or we just can’t be happy with what we get? Who’s responsible for this? Guys or girls? Whose opinion should you trust? Guys or girls?
Well, we on and decide for yourself.

1. Who are the “good guys”?

HE says: “The question contains an implicit assumption that men can be approximately divided into two categories: good and not good. This assumption is flawed. Your judgement depends on your own personality and experiences. It depends on how well you know him and what subset of his behaviour and circumstances you've observed. A man's behaviour towards you will depend on how he feels about you and the circumstances of the relationship.” - Brian Bi answers on Quora SHE says: “Any guy who's loyal, funny, doesn't play with emotions, or is monogamously challenged, doesn't manipulate you, is kind hearted, a gentleman, isn't possessive, puts other's needs before himself, is caring, smart and generally not an ass isn't considered cool and can't get dates for whatever reason.” - Marceline Hosenback answers on Quora What WE think: The definition of a good guy varies from person to person and we can’t really limit it to characteristics. There isn't a list that we check things things off and decide based on that. There's more than just "good" and "bad" when it comes to person. One has to look deeper!
1 good guys gone

2. Have girls pushed the “good guys” away?

HE says: “Assuming that a good guy is a man of integrity, who is bold, who is employed, who takes initiative and responsibility for his actions; who is courteous, mindful, considerate, did I mention honest, self aware, transparent, is from a good family and have great manners.THEY ARE ALL OVER - however they get overlooked because they might not be cool, ladies call them boring, they're not aggressive so they're not your type.” - Guy Lucien answers on Quora SHE says: “Honestly I was really attracted to fools. The good guys were there. They are everywhere! But they bored me. They didn't give me any kind of thrill. Even more: they scared me - especially because I felt that they knew what they want. I didn't - anyhow I couldn't really explain what my interpretation of a "good guy" was. But in fact you choose the people who surround you. Good people are everywhere - same with guys.” - Sibell Loitz answers on Quora What WE think: It’s a two-way street and we don’t blame either of the sexes for this problem. It’ll be unfair. The answer depends solely on what your situation was and what the specific reasons were that made you question if he was a good guy or not…”
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3. Is it a mutual feeling? Are “good girls” gone too?

HE says: “Guys ask the same question, where are all the good women. The issue is not whether they are good or not, it is the mode of separation we live in these days. We are afraid of each other but more so, afraid to be ourselves. Afraid to get hurt. Love  has no place where fear resides.” - Amit J answers on Quora SHE says: “Even if someone was your Prince Charming, your Romeo, you might not be their Juliet. So open up your mind.” - Reginal Roz answers on Quora What WE think: Again, it is something which can’t really be defined. There is no true or false in a situation like this. It’s just we should hold back from jumping to conclusions and think before we casually say that good girls/ guys are “gone”! 3 good guys gone Read the full thread here on Quora. GIFs: Tumblr MUST-READ: Desi Parent Reactions ­- When You Tell Them You Have A Boyfriend! MUST-READ: WHY Are Men So Quiet During Sex? … Guys Answer!