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Arranged Marriages In India: When Do Newly Wed Couples Have Sex?

Arranged Marriages In India: When Do Newly Wed Couples Have Sex?

If you live in India, you're quite familiar with arranged marriages. Your parents probably had one, your non-Indian friends are super fascinated with the idea and your neighbourhood aunty probably wants to set you up for one! But it doesn't even matter if you're going to have an arranged marriage yourself or not, you can still have some very valid questions about how the whole thing works, right? And the worst part? You can't ask someone you know all of them as it might land you in an embarrassing situation! So in case you've wondered about when couples in an arranged marriage setup have sex, then Quora has you covered! Anonymous on Quora: In arrange marriage, you hardly would get time to spend with each other just to know each other better; leave alone getting intimate. For guys, sex is typically a physical connection. But for girls, it is more of emotional. So it is outright important that the girl is more comfortable with you before she starts getting intimate.
sex in arranged marriages  1 Gnithi Kunje on Quora: For most of us married couples, it's generally during honeymoon. However, for me, it was right during our first night that we managed to pull it off, despite the tiredness following the festivities of the occasion. Anonymous on Quora: If you are getting into arranged marriage, it's unlikely that you will have sex before wedding. In most cases, you wouldn't have full sex on wedding night too, because for first time (for most people) things before sex can be as fun, and it's worth going slow to understand each other. Most couple will have sex after their wedding night, likely during honeymoon or after that, surely within first month. sex in arranged marriages  2 Anil Jangra on Quora: It depends when the couple gets sufficient time to indulge. If they have been meeting before their wedding, there are fair chances that they may get an opportunity to indulge in any form of sex. I and my wife had sex before we actually wedded; in total darkness though, and mine was an arranged marriage. In case you're interested in reading more, here's the whole thread!
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Published on May 23, 2016
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